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Las Vegas Car Accident Report – April 12, 2018

Here is your Las Vegas Car Accident Report: April 12, 2018.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Report Multiple Las Vegas Car Accidents this morning.

At 8:36am, an injury car accident was reported at E Bonanza Road & N Honolulu Street.

At 8:19am, a traffic car accident was reported at Blue Diamond Road and South Durango Road.

At 8:18am, an injury car accident was reported at Swenson Street and Tropicana Avenue.

This morning, a total of 9 car accidents have been reported in the Vegas Valley. These accidents are far too common. If you’re hurt in an accident and require representation, you’ll need a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas that can get you the compensation you deserve. Call the certified personal injury lawyers at The Schnitzer Law Firm today.

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