A Growing Problem in America: Drowsy Driving

While almost everyone knows about the dangers of drunk driving, and widespread campaigns have highlighted the risks of texting while driving, comparatively few may be aware of the threat posed by drowsy driving. Car accidents caused by a drowsy driver can be severe, leading to catastrophic injuries or even fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 824 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents in 2015 due to drowsy driving.

Signs You’re Too Drowsy to Drive

Injury lawyers in Las Vegas could tell you about the risks of drowsy driving. People may easily dismiss signs of exhaustion and get behind the wheel anyway, but the results can be devastating and deadly. When people are yawning repeatedly, this is a sign that the body needs sleep – and that it’s a bad time to drive. Elevated levels of blinking can also indicate the need for sleep; you may be literally struggling to keep your eyes open. In addition, if you’re on the road at night and it suddenly feels like you can’t remember the last few miles, you may be experiencing short-term memory loss or even dozing off. Both are serious signs of being too sleepy to drive safely.

Drowsy Driving and Roadway Safety
According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drowsy driving could be a cause of 9.5 percent of all car accidents and 10.8 percent of those serious enough to report to the police. The Governors Highway Safety Association said that crashes related to driver fatigue cost $109 billion every year, not including property damage. Other studies noted that the risk of an accident is severely elevated when one driver is fatigued; a drowsy driver has a significantly elevated risk of having a crash. People who have lost sleep in the previous 24 hours are at a particularly high risk of a serious crash.

Stopping Drowsy Driving Before it Starts

While many companies are working on technological solutions to notice or correct drowsy driving mistakes, people can stay safe by avoiding getting behind the wheel while too tired to drive. Drinking coffee or opening the window isn’t a good substitute for actual rest. People can avoid driving while fatigued by traveling during their normal waking hours, avoiding heavy meals before hitting the road and taking regular breaks during long trips.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle crash in Las Vegas, the other driver may have been too drowsy to drive. Experienced personal injury attorneys Las Vegas can look for the signs of fatigued driving and raise them to show how they contributed to the crash. The lawyers at The Schnitzer Law Firm can help you fight to get the compensation that you deserve for your ongoing costs, including lost wages and current and future medical bills. Call The Schnitzer Law Firm today at 702-960-4050 to set up a consultation or use our simple online form.