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Product defects can cause injury or disease for you. Sometimes they’re caused by accident, but other times they’re caused by negligence in the design or a lack of warnings or instructions. If they occur on a mass level, they signal the start of a product recall and possibly class-action lawsuits. Regardless of how the product defect occurred, you as a consumer have certain legal rights if you are injured or made ill as a result. A defective product attorney in las vegas is your number one ally in your case if you are located in the city.

How Does Product Liability Law Affect My Product Defect Injury Claim?

Product liability law is essential to know because not every product defect lawsuit is going to be allowed. For example, suppose you were diagnosed with cancer after taking Zantac. In that case, your lawsuit must involve the brand-name Zantac or both the brand-name Zantac and generic equivalents, not generic Zantac [1]. Also, a Neutrogena or Aveeno benzene sunscreen lawsuit would involve a product defect claim against Aveeno or Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson. This corporation owns both companies [2], either before the recall, or after providing evidence that the company failed to notify you of the recall. A las vegas Product Liability attorney can navigate the complex legal issues surrounding product defects.

What Type of Product Liability Can I Claim?

There are three main types of possible product liability you can claim:
  • Negligence must show the manufacturer’s mistake as well as evidence of your damages as a result of it;
  • Strict liability only requires you to show that a flaw in the manufacturing, design or warning labels resulted in your damages, but it cannot be purchased second-hand. Nevada is a strict liability state; and
  • Breach of warranty, of which there are two different types. Express warrant involves assumed warranty and safety, while the implied warranty is a manufacturer’s direct promise of product safety. Either way, it is misrepresentation.
Whichever product liability claim you are making, you can seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, and other damages resulting from the defective product. A las vegas Product Liability Lawyer can help you with a strict liability or any other type of claim.

Product Liability Lawyer in Las Vegas

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