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A motorcycle accident is more severe than a car accident due to there being less protection and the vehicle being smaller. It often results in head injury, brain injury, and even death. It is typically violent, with over 80 percent being injurious or fatal. Most happen in urban areas such as Las Vegas. If you have had a motorcycle accident, you will need a lot of time off work to heal; you might face expensive medical bills and even struggle to pay for everyday bills. That’s why consulting and hiring a Motorcycle accident attorney in las vegas is so essential.

What Are the Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Poor road conditions are the number one cause of motorcycle accidents in Las Vegas. Drunk driving is another serious cause, with drunk drivers causing injury and death to the other party. Rider inexperience also puts many people on the road at risk and is a big issue in Las Vegas. Some other typical causes of motorcycle accidents are distracted driving and traffic violations.

What Are the Insurance Requirements for Las Vegas Motorcyclists?

Insurance requirements for motorcyclists in Las Vegas state that all motorcycle riders must have insurance minimums of the following: $15,000 coverage for bodily injury or death for one person in an accident; $30,000 coverage for bodily injury or death for a minimum of two people in an accident; and $10,000 for damage or destruction to property in an accident. However, it is best to have additional insurance to cover damages exceeding those limits, namely, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

It’s incredibly important to take specific steps right after a motorcycle accident:
  • Call 911.
  • Identify everyone involved and get their phone numbers.
  • Allow medical personnel to help you.
  • Document your injuries by yourself with photos, or have a friend take the photos.
  • Stick with all follow-up appointments for medical care.
  • Insurance adjusters will ask for a statement. Do NOT give them any.
  • Record how you feel every day in a journal to serve as documentation for your case.
  • Check your doctor’s medical records to make sure they’re accurate.

How Can A Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help?

A Motorcycle accident attorney in las vegas is your best bet for getting the largest compensation possible for your injuries and other damages resulting from the accident. Plus, they will handle contacting the police, insurance companies, doctors, and defendants whenever necessary. It’s not enough to prove negligence but to receive a payout that is nothing less than what you deserve.

Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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