Is Lane-Splitting on a Motorcycle Illegal in Nevada?

Motorcycle Safety on Nevada Roads: Risks and Precautions

Motorcycling in Nevada can be an excellent means of transportation and a fun lifestyle hobby as well. At the same time, bikers can face serious risks on the road. Motorcyclists are over 27 times more likely than people in passenger cars to die in a traffic accident. In 2017, one-sixth of all traffic fatalities in Nevada were motorcycle riders; 51 bikers lost their lives on the roads in that year alone. Las Vegas injury lawyers see many cases every year involving motorcyclists suffering the aftereffects of a severe motorcycle crash.


“Lane-Splitting” Is Illegal in Nevada

“Lane-splitting” is a practice in which motorcyclists travel between lanes of traffic, darting through vehicles. Some bikers may be tempted to split lanes during traffic jams or other delays, yet the practice is illegal on Nevada roadways. Other than police officers currently performing law enforcement duties, motorcycles and mopeds may not be legally operated between vehicles in regular lanes of traffic. It does not matter whether the cars are moving or stationary; the practice is still prohibited.


Differences from Other States

Nevada takes a different approach than some other states; for example, lane-splitting is legal in California. In 2013, the Nevada Legislature considered legislation to make motorcycle lane splitting legal, but it failed to proceed in the State Senate. In addition, motorcyclists cannot use extra space within a lane of traffic or between lanes to pass other vehicles. Like cars, they must pass other vehicles from a separate lane of traffic. On the other hand, two motorcycles can ride side-by-side in one lane of traffic but only when both cyclists agree.

Motorcyclists caught lane-splitting can pay the price, and not only regarding the threat to their safety. Fines for ticketed motorcyclists caught engaging in this behavior start at $190. However, motorcyclists are also protected. Other cars may not try to squeeze in beside motorcycles on the roads, as bikers have the right to the full use of their traffic lane.


Protecting Bikers on the Road

Motorcyclists can act to protect themselves, including following traffic laws and wearing mandatory helmets compliant with DOT regulations. However, in far too many cases, motorcyclists are injured not due to their poor safety practices but due to negligent, distracted or dangerous drivers in larger, heavier vehicles. Due to their exposure, motorcyclists may be at risk for catastrophic injuries, including brain trauma, broken bones or organ damage.

Bikers who have been injured in a crash due to someone else’s negligence can turn to Las Vegas personal injury lawyers for the help they need. The skilled Las Vegas injury lawyers at The Schnitzer Law Firm can fight for the compensation you deserve, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call our office at 702-960-4050 or use our secure online form to schedule a consultation with our firm.