Be a Better Driver in 2018: Tips for Keeping You Safe

The Importance of Road Safety and Tips to Stay Safe While Driving in Las Vegas

Driving in Las Vegas and even on the Strip can be a great experience and an enjoyable pastime for many of us. However, the fun can be interrupted all too easily when a distracted, dangerous or negligent driver causes a car crash. Now you see yourself in a situation where you have property damage or even serious personal injuries. Only the best personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can help guide you through the process. Here are some road safety tips that you can keep in mind to help stay safe on the roads.

Be Aware of Drunk or High Drivers

Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs carries serious consequences. Both alcohol and drugs impair a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. With Marijuana legal in the state of Nevada, you’ve got to keep your eyes open on the road even more than ever. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol should call a cab or an Uber instead of attempting to operate their vehicle. You can help keep the Las Vegas roads safe by helping facilitate rides when you know the driver is impaired.

Buckle Up for Safety

When you look after your own safety, you can help to prevent yourself from becoming one of the 35,000 lives lost on the highways each year. One of the first and most important steps you can take to protect yourself is to always wear your seat belt, and to make sure your passengers buckle up as well.

Drive Defensively for Best Results

Keep your eyes on the road and be a defensive driver. By paying attention to potential sources of danger on the road around you, you could help to avoid or minimize car accidents caused by negligent or dangerous driving. While those drivers have a responsibility to keep their eyes out for you, you are always your own best defense on the road.

Steer Clear of Distracted Driving

One of the newer dangers on the roadways has arisen, along with the popularity of the smartphone. Texting and emailing while driving is the cause of car crashes due to distracted drivers all too often. Even while many drivers note the danger of these behaviors, it can still be tempting to pick up the phone when stuck in traffic or stopped at a red light. Avoiding distracted driving behaviors like eating while driving or even talking on the phone through a hands-free device can help your concentration behind the wheel.

Stay Alert – Stay Awake – Stay Alive

You may have seen the flashing alerts as you drive down the highway. Still, the message is important. Drowsy driving can be a major contributor to dangerous and deadly car crashes. It can be helpful to avoid driving late at night when possible, and to take a rest away from the wheel when you feel fatigued or drowsy.

Sometimes, no matter how much attention you pay to driving safely on the road, another driver’s dangerous behavior can put you at risk. If you are a driver or a passenger that was injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, it is important to protect your rights. You want the best personal injury lawyer Las Vegas to represent you. Contact the Schnitzer Law Firm at 702-960-4050 or use our simple online form to set up a free consultation with no obligation.