Bogus Insurance Company Defense Signs To Look For

The purpose of car insurance is to make their customers whole after a car accident or to provide full coverage for the damage done by a crash caused by their client. Insurance companies goal, on the other hand, is to pay as little as possible. Insurance companies will almost always seek to avoid paying for all of the costs incurred by accident victims. In practice, the insurer will be looking for ways to lower the value of your claim – despite your ongoing medical expenses and rising costs. In order to do so, they may raise a number of defenses in an attempt to deny your claim. An experienced Las Vegas injury law firm can help you overcome these insurance company defenses and secure the compensation that you deserve.

Questioning Your Medical Record

Insurance companies may try to use a gap in your medical treatment or a missed appointment to indicate that your injury was not that severe. While many people seek to avoid going to the hospital or the doctor after a crash, seeking prompt treatment and following up on all medical advice can help you to defeat this defense when an insurer raises it. Many jurors want to believe that people will do anything to get medical treatment when injured, and insurance company defense lawyers will work to exploit this belief to drive down your claim.

In addition, they may claim that a medical condition or a prior or later injury was the real cause of your symptoms and medical bills. Even if you have a pre-existing medical condition, if it was worsened by the accident, the person at fault should be responsible. Having detailed medical records can help your lawyer avoid this attempt to shift blame.

Low Property Damage

Even though people can suffer serious injuries as a result of a crash with low property damage to their vehicle, many insurers will attempt to use this defense to defeat a personal injury claim. Showing that you had a prior medical issue that was aggravated by the accident can help to surmount this insurer defense, as can documenting damages to the other party. An experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney will also know the right experts to hire to prove any damages caused by your car accident in Las Vegas.

Excessive Medical Care

In some cases, the insurer will not claim that your injuries are minimal, but that the medical care you received is excessive or overpriced. It is important that all of your medical bills are supported by the findings of a doctor. This requires you to be completely honest with your doctors. If you forget to tell a doctor about your accident, the insurance company will try to deny paying for that treatment. When you provide thorough medical documentation, your lawyer will have a stronger position in refuting this defense.

Car insurance companies want to keep their expenses low by driving down the value of your claims. This can mean navigating these and other bogus defenses while you attempt to secure compensation for your injuries. As a Las Vegas injury law firm, the Schnitzer Law Firm can look out for your interests – not those of the insurance company. Call us at 702-960-4050 or use our simple online form to set up a free consultation with no obligation.