Can You Sue a Bouncer for Personal Injury in Las Vegas?

Nightclubs are a great way to relax after a long week at work, and they are especially exciting when you are visiting the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas personal injury lawyers say, however, that some nightclub owners do not adequately train the bouncers and security personnel. This can lead them to overstep their bounds while on duty. If a bouncer injures you, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against them and the owner of the club.

Assaults by Bouncers or Security

A bouncer who assaults a customer is not immune from charges. When someone intentionally puts another person in imminent physical danger or they cause bodily injury, they can be charged with assault. This is true even if you did something wrong in the club that led to the altercation. For example, if you had a little too much to drink and a bouncer physically forces you out the door, causing you to fall and break an arm, he could not only be liable civilly, but he could be charged with assault.

Defenses Used by Bouncers

Las Vegas personal injury lawyers say that there are defenses a bouncer can use to explain their actions. If during the altercation that caused the bouncer to push you out the door, you were in the process of attacking the bouncer or resisting them as they tried to guide you out the door because you were unruly, the bouncer may have be able to claim self-defense or justifiable actions. You will need corroborating testimony from other witnesses that you did nothing physical to provoke the assault. This could mean you were peacefully walking out the door after being asked to leave, but the bouncer shoved you to the ground. If you have witnesses who can testify to that, the bouncer may not have a defense.

Who is Liable?

Technically, the bouncer would be held liable for your injuries since they were the one to cause you to be hurt. However, bouncers usually are not financially able to pay large medical claims for damages. Injury lawyers of Nevada then may turn to the owner of the establishment, who could be liable under a theory of respondeat superior.  Essentially, the employer is responsible for the actions of its employees.  The employer could also be liable for its own negligence if the bouncer was not adequately trained in how to handle an unruly customer. The same is true if you can prove the bouncer was acting on orders from a superior and not simply retaliating on his own.

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