Can You Sue A Ski Resort?

Nevada offers some of the country’s best skiing, from the vacation destination of Lake Tahoe to the many ski resorts found around Las Vegas. Skiing can be an amazing vacation, and in most cases, people will enjoy their ski trip with no injuries or incidents. However, when something does go wrong, you may wonder whether the ski resort is responsible for your injuries.

A Las Vegas injury lawyer can consult with you to learn more about your situation and determine whether you have a good case to sue the ski resort. In general, the ski resort’s liability depends on how and where you were injured.


Injuries at the Ski Resort

Under the principles of premises liability, business owners can be held responsible for injuries that take place on their property if they were negligent in addressing hazards. Like other wintry areas, ski resorts have to keep their premises reasonably safe. This means taking action to remove ice from stairs and walkways to prevent slip-and-fall injuries.

In addition, the resort is responsible for properly maintaining slopes, equipment, and ski lifts to prevent injuries because of their faulty equipment or poor maintenance. Ski resorts can’t avoid responsibility for maintaining their buildings and property by claiming that sports can be risky.


Injuries on the Ski Lift

While there are certain inherent risks that come with skiing down a mountain, people don’t expect to be injured getting to the top of the mountain. In some cases, the resort may be held accountable for ski lift accidents. While resorts may try to escape their responsibility by saying that skiers accept risk by taking to the slopes, they must properly maintain and repair ski lifts they operate on their property. A personal injury attorney in Las Vegas can help you to protect your rights if you were injured due to faulty equipment.


Injuries on the Ski Slopes

Skiers have a responsibility to ski safely, and there are risks that come with choosing to participate in the sport. However, ski resorts are also responsible for properly maintaining their slopes, trails, and runs and ensuring that appropriate signage is posted under state law.

A ski resort would be unlikely to held responsible for an accident between two skiers, a skier’s attempt at a more advanced run or an injury caused by a normal fall on snow. However, the resort could be responsible for its decision to use or not use bumpers on ski lifts, snow machines parked on ski trails or the actions of ski instructors.

If you’ve been injured at a ski resort, the legal questions can be complicated. An experienced Las Vegas injury lawyer can help you to navigate these trails and protect your rights. Call The Schnitzer Law Firm today at 702-960-4050 to set up a consultation or use our simple online form.