Car Accident Statistics in Nevada and How to Stay Safe in 2020

In 2019, there were 145 car accidents in Clark County, representing 62 percent of all crashes in the state of Nevada for that year. In addition, 149 people died in those accidents. Although the numbers are lower than in 2018, when there were 299 accidents and 329 fatalities, Las Vegas car accidents are still higher than they should be.


Passenger Restraint

One of the biggest reasons people die in Nevada car accidents, according to a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer, is that they are not restrained. In 2019, 21, or 14 percent, of those who died in Las Vegas car accidents were not wearing a seatbelt. Wearing a seatbelt is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe, whether you are a driver or a passenger. Although airbags are designed to protect you, failing to wear a seatbelt can increase your risk of injury or death from airbag deployment.


Types of Fatalities

Further review of the statistics shows that the most significant percentage of those killed in Clark County were pedestrians, followed closely by motorcyclists. In 2019, 42 pedestrians were killed and 29 motorcyclists died in traffic accidents. An injury lawyer in Las Vegas explained that pedestrian and motorcycle deaths could be attributed to errors by vehicle drivers as well as pedestrians and motorcyclists. Never text or talk on your mobile phone behind the wheel of a car. Even a slight distraction can take your eyes off the road, and even a few seconds could mean the difference between life and death. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, whether you are walking, bicycling, motorcycling, or driving. When walking, keep your phone in your pocket and stop in a safe location to send a text.


Impaired Driving

Another common factor in fatal Las Vegas car accidents is impaired driving. Too often, people spend time at the casinos, restaurants, or bars in the city and then get behind the wheel of a car. Getting a ticket for DUI is expensive, but it is far more costly, both monetarily and psychologically, if someone dies because you got behind the wheel when you had too much to drink or were taking medications that caused you to be impaired. It is also important to remember that it is not only illegal drugs that can lead to a DUI arrest. Some types of cold medicines, sleep aids, and other over-the-counter medications can lead to drowsiness, which may make you too impaired to drive. If you are not sure if you can drive safely or you know you have had one too many drinks, use a ride-share program, taxi, or public transportation to get home rather than driving yourself, an injury lawyer in Las Vegas advises.


Encouraging Statistics

Statistics from the Nevada Department of Transportation are encouraging as it appears that traffic fatalities, as well as incidences of impaired driving, have dropped over the past few years. Marijuana-related deaths are down by 25 percent despite the legalization of the substance in Nevada. There were concerns that more people would choose to drive under the influence of marijuana, leading to higher traffic fatalities. However, the law was only passed two years ago, and many experts claim that it is still too early to tell if the legalization of marijuana will lead to additional traffic incidents. The fact is that no one should get behind the wheel of a vehicle when they have ingested or smoked marijuana.

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