Casino Negligence & How to Prove Your Personal Injury

Spending time in a casino can be thrilling, exciting, and fun. Slot machines surround you, there may be free drinks, and many of the floor shows are very entertaining. However, with so much going on, incidents are bound to happen, according to Las Vegas injury lawyers.


Common Casino Accidents

Several common accidents occur at casinos. Because casinos offer a wide range of food options, from fine dining to room service to buffets, food poisoning can occur. An employee may forget to wash their hands or food may be left out too long. A buffet may not be kept at the proper temperature, or a room service cart gets forgotten and delivered long after it should have been. Visitors to casinos may slip and fall or could be injured by a broken slot machine chair. Accidents involving shuttle buses or injuries sustained due to criminal activity are also common casino accidents, according to a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.


Casino Negligence

There are cases when an employee may be negligent at a casino that could lead to injury. The casino may have hired someone who is unqualified or there may be a lack of security in the area. Poorly maintained furniture, such as casino chairs or unsafe lighting, can also lead to accidents. Elevators, stairs, and escalators may not have been appropriately managed. Floors may be slippery because they were mopped and no warning signs placed on them, or an employee may have spilled a drink and not cleaned up the spill quickly. If someone is overserved alcohol, it can lead to an injury.


Dram Shop Laws

Dram shop laws allow an injured person to seek damages from the establishment that provided alcohol to someone who injures them while intoxicated. Alcohol was once sold by a unit of measure called a “dram,” which led to shops that sold alcohol being called “dram shops.” Nevada does not allow a claim against businesses or individuals who sell alcohol to a person who is over the age of 21. This means that you cannot sue the establishment if someone who is over 21 injures you while driving while intoxicated, Las Vegas injury lawyers explain. However, if the establishment serves a person who is under 21 causes an injury because they were intoxicated, the business can be held liable.

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