Drone Safety: How to Ensure Operation Doesn’t End in Personal Injury

Drones are becoming more and more popular as a means of entertainment and fun. There were 1.5 million recreational drones and another half-million commercial drones in 2016; by 2020, the federal government estimates that there will be seven million unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the American skies. People can get excellent video footage or enjoy propelling their small automated aircraft in the air. However, some drone-related accidents and injuries could leave people turning to a Las Vegas law firm after starting the day just looking for a good time in the great outdoors.


Drone-Related Laws in Nevada

Because drones are readily available at electronics and hobby shops, some people may assume that there are few regulations for their use. However, some hobbyist drone pilots must register their drones with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under its rules for model aircraft, particularly if they have large drones weighing 55 pounds or more. Nevada drone enthusiasts also must refrain from using their aircraft within a certain distance of airports and other vital facilities. These laws are designed to protect the security as well as avoiding a damaging air accident linked to a hobby drone. Hobbyists must also refrain from flying their drones above 400 feet in the air.


Professional Drone Options

People can make a living as drone pilots as well. Of course, there are additional regulations, and commercial drone pilots have to pass an FAA test as a remote pilot. However, drone operations can add tremendous value to certain types of careers, like video or still photography, real estate promotion or insurance investigation. The clear video and height achievable with a drone was once only feasible only with expensive, specialized equipment far out of the reach of most small businesses.


Drone Collisions

Unfortunately, as more people fly drones, the likelihood of drone collisions has also increased. Drones can crash into backyards, buildings or even power lines. More disturbingly, they can crash into each other or people, causing thousands of dollars in damage and leading to severe injuries and costly medical bills. In some cases, drone crashes are linked to flawed technology from the manufacturer, while in other instances, reckless drone operators are responsible. Proper training can be essential to operate a drone safely, whether you are a hobbyist or a would-be professional. Remember, if you are operating a drone, you can be held responsible if you crash into or harm other people.

If you’ve been injured in a drone accident, you can turn to a personal injury law firm Las Vegas for assistance. The Schnitzer Law Firm has an exceptional track record in representing people who have been injured by someone else’s negligence, whether they were operating a car, a truck or even a drone. Contact us today via phone, email or our simple online form to set up an initial consultation.