Four Of The Most Common Brain Injuries

The Devastating Impact of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Car Accidents

When many people think about car accident injuries, they think of broken bones, rib, and chest damage or even amputations. However, traumatic brain injuries can also be some of the most common and serious injuries caused by severe crashes. Estimates indicate that up to 50 percent of all TBIs each year are caused as a result of motor vehicle collisions.

An accident victim’s skull could strike the windshield or steering wheel; while there may be no open head wound, he or she could sustain serious injury internal to the brain. Sometimes, the head does not even need to strike anything in the car.  A brain injury can be caused by the brain crashing inside the skull from the momentum of a car crash.  These injuries can lead to permanent disabilities that can affect someone’s life for years and decades to come. Prompt medical attention and treatment of TBIs are particularly critical. This is also one reason why working with Las Vegas personal injury attorneys is so important; your lawyer can fight for the compensation you need to cover the medical care and other damages that you deserve.

Some of the most common types of brain injuries caused by car accidents include:

  1. Concussions

The most common type of traumatic brain injury, concussions are caused by direct impact to the head. Of course, concussions aren’t always caused by car accidents; they can result from slip-and-fall injuries as well as criminal behavior like assault and battery. Some people may lose consciousness during a concussion, but you may have a concussion even if you only have other, less obvious symptoms like dizziness or confusion. If you’ve suffered a direct head impact, you should seek medical treatment immediately before reaching out to a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas.


  1. Contusions

Like concussions, contusions are also caused by head trauma due to direct impact. A contusion is a localized area of bleeding in the brain. It could require surgery to treat because contusions can be deadly if a blood clot forms in the area. Some contusions are caused away from the site of direct impact when the brain slams into the skull internally.


  1. Penetration Injuries

These injuries are caused when a sharp object enters the skull and the brain. They can be caused by falls on sharp edges, attacks with knives or guns or shattered glass during a car crash. These injuries can be fatal or cause long-term, serious effects.


  1. Diffuse Axonal Injuries

This type of brain injury is caused by severe rotational force or shaking. As the skull shears the edges of the brain, the brain itself can be torn. Symptoms can include memory loss, disruption of motor function or sensation, sensory disturbances and other issues.

Brain injuries can have serious, lifelong effects, and you and your family need the best medical care available. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can fight for you to get the compensation that you need. Call The Schnitzer Law Firm today at 702-960-4050 to set up a consultation or use our simple online form.