Four Ways to Reduce Risk of Personal Injury while Traveling

Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, you want to arrive at your destination safely and avoid illness or injury during your stay. However, as any injury attorney Las Vegas can attest, accidents can happen anywhere. In fact, statistics show that as many as 20 percent of travelers are either injured or develop an illness. These four tips can help you avoid being part of that percentage so that you can enjoy your trip.


Driving and Biking Safety

The most common injuries while traveling occur when you are either driving or bicycling. Driving a car or riding a bike in an area where you are not familiar can be dangerous. In addition, people who live in the area expect traffic to move in a certain way, so any deviation from the norm can lead to accidents. When it comes to driving, be sure to obey all traffic laws. If you are unsure of the laws in the area where you will be visiting, spend time reviewing the motor vehicle department website in that area before you travel. If you are planning on bicycling, review the laws in the area for bike riders as well. Laws vary greatly for bike riders in different states and even in cities in the same state. By understanding the laws where you will be riding, you are less likely to be involved in a collision. The best Las Vegas personal injury attorney recommends that, before heading out on a bike, watch others who are bike riding in the area to get an idea of how traffic moves around them and how they manage traffic.


Carnival and Amusement Park Rides

If you will be visiting a carnival or amusement park, be sure to adhere to the height, weight and health restrictions on each ride. A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas says not to let your small child stretch to reach a height requirement or an older person ignore warnings about heart conditions. Listen to instructions given by attendants before the ride starts. Never dangle feet or hands outside of a ride and always remain in your seat. If possible, ask a non-rider to hold your belongings or take advantage of lockers that are available at many amusement parks to avoid items flying out of your hand while on a ride.


Swimming Pools and Natural Bodies of Water

Swimming pools, lakes, and the ocean are all favorite places to visit while traveling. An injury attorney Las Vegas warns that you should choose to swim in an area with a lifeguard whenever possible. If not, be sure that there is an adult with any children who are swimming. Put your phone down while children are swimming and avoid all other distractions as problems can occur quickly, especially in lakes or oceans. Never dive into shallow water and always wade slowly into dark waters in lakes or oceans where you cannot see the bottom. Stop swimming if it looks like a storm is approaching, even before you see lightning or hear thunder. Avoid wearing headphones so you can hear if something goes wrong before it becomes an emergency. If the pool or beach is crowded, try to keep your group together in one location so they are easier to monitor.


Be Aware of Surroundings

The best Las Vegas personal injury attorney says that people are often injured because they are not paying attention to their surroundings while traveling. If you are sightseeing, you may be fascinated by the things around you, not paying attention to where you are walking. Using the GPS on your phone is a great way to get around an unfamiliar city but be sure to avoid looking at it while you are walking. Watch traffic signals and be sure to always cross the street at crosswalks. Keep an eye on traffic, watching for anyone who may be driving too fast or erratically.

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