Here’s Why You Should Talk to A Lawyer Before Taking Your Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer

A Las Vegas car accident can be severely disruptive. Not only may your vehicle be damaged or totaled, but you may also need ongoing medical care, specialist visits, and other forms of treatment. You may suddenly be forced to spend large amounts of time calling and negotiating with insurance companies to seek compensation for the damages you have suffered. Unfortunately, even though you know the other driver caused the crash due to their negligent and reckless behavior, you may find that their insurance company is reluctant to take the blame. Eventually, they may offer a settlement. It can be tempting to accept and resolve the issue once and for all, but it can be vital to consult with a personal injury law firm Las Vegas before you make a decision.


You Deserve the Compensation You Need

When you get a settlement offer, especially after a lengthy negotiation process, you may just want to get the cash to help pay off the substantial bills that can accumulate after a car accident. However, that settlement may not be enough to cover all of your damages sustained during the crash, including ongoing medical expenses for continuing treatment. The best Las Vegas personal injury attorney can say that they have seen many accident victims who accepted a settlement too early. When you work with a personal injury law firm Las Vegas, you should know that this is not your only chance to get compensation. Insurance companies may make it sound like you have no choice to accept the offer, but this is not true. Your lawyer can make a counter-offer or reject the claim entirely and indicate their willingness to move forward at trial. A reasonable settlement is generally far less costly than the expenses of a trial for the insurance firm.


You Must Be Sure Before You Settle

Remember that settlements are generally binding. They include a release of liability, which prevents you from going back to seek compensation again after you realize that the event is not enough. The settlement can even protect the insurer even if you find out later that you have more serious injuries than you realized. The best Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of settling early.


You May Face Additional Costs

An initial settlement may be tempting because it seems like it will cover your obvious expenses. However, it may not address all of the costs that you suffered due to the crash. The best Las Vegas personal injury attorney can use his experience to advise you about additional expenses that you may not have considered but for which you can pursue compensation, including future lost wages, future medical care, pain and suffering, emotional injury, or loss of enjoyment of life activities.

If you are dealing with an insurance company, you may need help to ensure your settlement offer is fair. Contact The Schnitzer Law Firm to consult with an experienced personal injury law firm Las Vegas that can help you get the compensation you deserve. To set up a consultation, contact 702-960-4050 or use our secure online form.