Holiday Injuries and How to Avoid Them

The holidays are always a busy time. Although it’s considered to be when people relax, celebrations have a lot of activity and people are likely to let their guard down. The crowdedness of shoppers and visitors during November through January makes accidents more likely to happen, but you don’t have to be a victim of one, even if you’ve been injured in Las Vegas. Here is more information on common holiday injuries and how to avoid them, and why a highly credible, experienced, and passionate injury attorney in Las Vegas is the best representation you can have.

Common Holiday Injuries

Common Holiday Injuries

The more you know about the most common holiday accidents that happen, the more you’ll be able to avoid injuries and be better prepared in case you experience any. These accidents are more likely to lead to a personal injury claim:

  • Accidents while decorating: Whether you end up falling or decorations fall on you, injury while handling a Christmas tree or decorating it and your home can happen. Falling from ladders is the cause of a third of all holiday injuries and typically happens to men between ages 60 to 65.

Accidents while decorating

  • Slipping on ice or snow: Ice and snow are inherently natural hazards, while black ice is especially dangerous and hard to notice. Falling or slipping can lead to sprains, fractures, broken bones, and other injuries.
  • Back injuries: Overconfidence and excitement during the holidays can lead people to strain themselves while shoveling snow or opening presents.
  • Fires and burns: Unsupervised candles and defective lighting are common ways people can experience fires and burns while trying to celebrate. Candles cause over half of home fires in December, while the top three days for house fires caused by candles are Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Injuries and How to Avoid Them

  • Car accidents: Poor weather conditions, distracted driving, drunk driving, and retail parking lot collisions are common causes of car accidents during the holidays.
  • Winter sports injuries: Many people want to celebrate the holidays with spontaneous sports games. Sprains, broken bones, and head injuries can happen as well as hypothermia and frostbite.
  • Shopping injuries: Shopping malls, grocery, and other retail stores are the most crowded during the holiday season. As people rush to buy food and presents, they collide with each other.
  • Unwrapping injuries: Like with other injuries, unwrapping injuries tend to happen when people are overconfident and excited. They include cuts from improperly handling knives or scissors.
  • Stress: Being stressed takes a toll not only on your energy but your focus, leading to distraction or overexertion.
  • Depression: Like with stress, depression or illness lowers your energy and focus. But it is especially risky for people who don’t enjoy the holidays and might be thinking about self-harming.

Injuries and How to Avoid Them

People who have been injured in a holiday accident are just as entitled to compensation as in any other personal injury. If you have a personal injury claim, a Las Vegas law firm that specializes in personal injury is what you need on your side. An injury attorney in Las Vegas can work on your behalf to investigate the cause of your injuries, the circumstances when you were injured, determine fault, and advocate for a fair settlement amount.

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Accidents

Common-sense thinking is always important for avoiding accidents, and that is even more true during the holidays. Still, it’s good to have a reminder with everything going on.

  • Ladder safety: Make sure the ladder is on a level surface and it is clear around the top and bottom areas. Stepladders should be fully open and locked. The bottom of the ladder should be spaced 1 foot from the wall for every 4 feet in height. When going on a roof, extend the ladder at least 3 feet beyond its edge. Finally, stay in the middle, between the rails. Don’t overreach but instead, move the ladder.
  • Tree lights and candles: Set up your tree away from fireplaces, radiators, and HVAC vents. Use only indoor lights for tree lights. Inspect tree lights for defects such as loose connections, bared or frayed wires, and cracked or broken sockets. Finally, candles should be on stable, heat-resistant surfaces away from foot traffic and never left unsupervised.
  • Snow and ice: If you’re a property owner, you are obligated to deal with ice and snow on your property. Ice and snow can be unavoidable on the roads, and there’s not always going to be salting to de-ice them. Drive slowly and stay farther back from other cars more than usual.
  • Drinking: It is possible to have fun during the holidays and drink safely at the same time. Have a designated driver or get a ride service if you plan on drinking during parties.
  • Winter sports: Children should be supervised, and older children should be encouraged to look out for younger ones. Check old equipment to see that they work properly, and make sure all players stretch. Have everyone wear enough warm clothing.

No matter your accident or its cause, your personal injury claim is important to us. The Schnitzer Law Firm is a Las Vegas law firm with legal professionals that are experts in personal injuries, including holiday accidents. An injury attorney in Las Vegas will come up with a winning strategy to get maximum results and compensation for your case.

Injuries and How to Avoid Them