How Technology Is Changing The Way We Practice Law

As technology changes every aspect of our lives, our increasingly digital society is also affecting the practice of law in Nevada. This may prove to be especially true in terms of personal injury law, where the increasing prevalence of cameras, recording devices and other items can more clearly establish fault for accidents and injuries than was possible in the past. In addition, certain types of behavior involving technology can be particularly dangerous to others, and the law itself is changing in order to prohibit and regulate these activities.

Smartphones and Distracted Driving

The smartphone has changed all aspects of life, including the law. The ubiquity of these powerful, tiny computing devices means that lawyers at a Las Vegas law firm can communicate more swiftly, efficiently and accurately with each other, with the court and with their clients. However, the smartphone has also given rise to a number of serious car crashes that have caused serious injuries and deaths.

Distracted driving has become an epidemic across the country. While massive majorities of drivers recognize just how dangerous it can be to text or surf the internet while behind the wheel, this hasn’t stopped them from doing so. Almost half of drivers admit in surveys to recently reading and sending texts or emails while operating their cars. Of course, driving while distracted is up to eight times more likely to lead to a car crash.

Proving Fault with Technological Evidence

State law itself has changed, forbidding the use of handheld smartphones while behind the wheel. Police can ticket drivers for engaging in this dangerous behavior. In addition, smartphone usage can be a factor in determining fault in a car crash that has caused damages and injuries. The nature of the technology means that the fact that the phone was in use during or shortly before the accident can often be proven, helping to show who was at fault for a collision.

Of course, distracted driving isn’t the only issue where technology can change a personal injury case. Dashcam and personal drone footage can easily reveal when someone’s negligent or dangerous behavior caused someone else’s injury. When security guards at a casino are shown to be texting and surfing the internet at the same time someone was attacked on their property, it can be clearer than ever that the business is at fault for failing to care for its customers.

Whether you’ve suffered a slip-and-fall in a shopping mall parking lot or face serious injuries as a result of a car accident, there are many ways in which technology could be relevant to your personal injury case. You can work with a Las Vegas law firm that will use both traditional techniques and the latest technologies to help you prove your case and secure the compensation you deserve. Contact The Schnitzer Law Firm at 702-960-4050 or use our simple online form to set up a free consultation with no obligation.