How to Stay Safe on the Road This Thanksgiving

Staying Safe on the Road: Tips for Traveling During Thanksgiving Weekend

As injury lawyers in Las Vegas can attest, Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel weekends of the year. In 2017, it is estimated that almost 51 million people traveled more than 50 miles away from their home during Thanksgiving weekend, an increase of 3.3 percent from 2016. That number is expected to be even higher in 2018 due to the strong economy and labor market. What is troubling about the number of people on the road over Thanksgiving weekend is that it is one of the deadliest times to be on the road. In addition, more than 33 percent of accidents during that weekend are alcohol-related. Many drivers also admit to texting or talking on a cell phone while traveling which can also lead to accidents. If you are planning on traveling this Thanksgiving, these tips can help keep you safe so that you are not sitting across from a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer after the holiday.


Perform Routine Maintenance

Your car needs regular maintenance and failing to do so before you head out on a long road trip at Thanksgiving could lead to problems. Check all the fluids in your car, have the oil changed and the tires rotated if it is close to time for those services. Top off the fuel tank as you may have difficulty finding a gas station that is open over the holiday in some parts of the country. Check your pressure and tread on your tires as well.


Be Careful Packing

If you are traveling with children, you are probably taking a lot of extra things beyond suitcases. You may need portable cribs, toys and other items that must be packed in your vehicle. The first thing to do is to check the load capacity of your vehicle. You can usually find it on a sticker inside the driver’s door jamb. This weight not only includes cargo but the weight of passengers as well, so be careful not to overload your car. Secure all cargo in trunks and open SUV cargo spaces. If you are involved in an accident, cargo can cause injuries if it is not secured. Do not block your view through the rear window or side mirrors as well.


Kids and Pets

Be sure to bring items that will keep your children occupied during the trip. Purchase that DVD they have been dying to see and save it for the trip. Pack snacks, juice and water to avoid frequent stops. Search for fun car games you can play as you travel as well, such as “I Spy.” If your pets are joining you on the trip, secure hem in a crate or purchase a special harness that uses the seatbelt to secure them. Be sure to bring a leash, water, and food as well as supplies to clean up after them during roadside breaks.


Take Your Time

Leave home in plenty of time to arrive at your destination. Because it is such a busy travel weekend, you will more than likely hit traffic, so plan for that when informing others of your estimated time of arrival. If you can leave in the very early morning hours or late at night, you may avoid some of the traffic headaches that you would encounter during the day. Check weather forecasts before you leave, especially if you are heading to an area with severe winter weather. Weather can also cause delays as you should reduce your speed and allow for longer braking distances.


Avoid Distractions and Driving After Drinking

If you need to text or call someone, hand the phone to someone else in the car or use your hands-free system. Never drive after you have been drinking, even if you have only had a few drinks. Always designate a driver who drinks no alcohol to be sure that you arrive at your destinations safely, injury lawyers in Las Vegas suggest.

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