Hurt in a casino? What your rights are and who’s responsible

You’re in Las Vegas, enjoying the fun, games and action in one of the city’s busy, popular casinos. Casinos are often glamorous, exciting and full of sound and light as people play games and enjoy the food and entertainment. However, injuries and accidents can happen, even inside Las Vegas’ most popular casinos. If you’ve been injured inside a casino, you can take action to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Companies that operate public spaces like casinos have a responsibility to provide well-maintained, safe environments for their customers. When they fail to do so or are negligent in maintaining those properties, they can be held responsible in a premises liability case. Injury attorneys Las Vegas can work with you to help you recover for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Common Casino Injuries

There are a number of common injuries that can happen in casinos, including:

  • Slip and fall accidents: Casinos can have wet, slippery floors, uneven floors with unmarked inclines or debris on the floor. When people slip and fall, they can experience spine, joint and bone injuries.
  • Trip and fall accidents on stairs: Unsafe or poorly maintained and marked stairs could lead customers to trip, leading to head injuries, broken bones or neck injuries.
  • Assaults on casino premises: A lack of security or proper surveillance could leave customers at risk for assaults, whether by a thief or by a drunk patron.
  • Assaults by casino security: Casino security guards and nightclub security guards must follow specific laws before they can arrest you, detain you or even use any force on you. Most security guards are not properly trained or, even worse, often ignore training when dealing with customers.

Casino Negligence

Las Vegas personal injury lawyers can work with you to help to show that the casino was at fault for the damages you suffered. This includes showing that the casino and its ownership were negligent in failing to address a known dangerous situation on the property. For example, this could include allowing construction debris in common areas, failing to properly mark wet or slippery areas, installing unsafe flooring, refusing to provide proper security personnel or failing to repair damaged stairs. Low lighting that prevents customers from clearly viewing and avoiding dangers can also be a major contributor to casino injuries. You will need to show that the casino knew or should have known of the problem and failed to address it anyway.

If you’ve been injured at a casino, it’s important to seek medical attention right away. Injuries can worsen if untreated, and those initial medical reports can be important evidence to back up your claim. Photos and other documentation can also help to prove the extent of your injuries, including photos of the area where you were hurt.

After you’ve received immediate medical attention for your injury, you can take action to protect your rights. Contact The Schnitzer Law Firm, where our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers can assess your situation and help you move forward by filing a claim. Call us at 702-960-4050 or use our simple online form to set up a free consultation with no obligation.