Important Documents You Should Always Keep in Preparation for Your Personal Injury Case

The Importance of Documenting Your Injuries and Expenses After a Car Accident in Nevada

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Nevada, your mind may not turn first to paperwork and documentation. You may be most concerned with treating your injuries and restoring your health after a severe or catastrophic crash. However, keeping some key documents can help you to prepare for a personal injury case and assist you in pursuing the compensation that you need.

A Las Vegas injury lawyer can provide detailed advice and guidance on the specific documents that can be most important for your case. In general, however, a good basic rule is that if you are ever uncertain about whether a record or document may be helpful, it is always best to keep it and share it with your personal injury law firm Las Vegas.

Keep Your Medical Records

Medical records can be some of the most critical pieces of evidence in your personal injury case. These may include scheduling records of your doctor and hospital visits, contact details for your healthcare professionals and medical supply forms in addition to the detailed records documenting the extent of your injuries.

Medical bills can rack up quickly after an accident, and a Las Vegas injury lawyer can help you to fight for reimbursement of all of your expenses. It is essential to keep track of all of your medical bills, payment records, and prescription records.

Start Documenting from the First Moment

After a car accident, you can help to gather evidence and bolster your claim from the first moment. Of course, it is crucial to obtain emergency medical treatment as quickly as possible. Document those early medical visits to help show that the collision caused your injuries. However, if you are well enough or have a companion who is, take photos of the accident scene, especially those that indicate injuries, property damage and how the collision occurred.

Gather Your Official Documents

There is a range of critical official documents to keep on hand, including insurance paperwork, police reports, accident reconstruction reports or even 911 call recordings after the crash. Your tax documents and W2 forms can help to show the extent of your lost wages as a result of your injuries. You can also make use of notes and diaries. For example, you can bolster your physician’s reports with diaries kept about your condition. Witness statements obtained at the time of the crash can help to show what happened and who was at fault.

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