Injured By a Vehicle With a Factory Recall? Here’s What To Do

Unfortunately, safety defects and recalls are a significant concern in the automotive industry. The well-known airbag recall is one incident, but other types of safety defects can lead to vehicle fires, cause tire problems, or even interfere with safe braking. Defective vehicles may cause car accidents in Las Vegas and other significant concerns, and manufacturers’ defects have also killed people. It is essential to know how the existence of a safety recall may affect your ability to sue a manufacturer for damages.


Manufacturer Responsibility for Unsafe Vehicles

Under consumer protection laws, people have significant rights to pursue the manufacturers of defective goods for the harms caused as a result of using them. If the problem with your car was caused by the manufacturer and led to foreseeable injuries, you may be able to work with an injury lawyer in Las Vegas to hold them responsible for your lost wages, medical bills and other damages. If the defect emerges due to a lack of maintenance by the vehicle owner, although there is a built-in flaw, the question can be more open to debate. Manufacturers of consumer products like cars have a responsibility to consider normal, reasonable, and foreseeable use when putting their goods on the market, especially if serious harm is likely to result from minor user error.


What About the Recall?

On the one hand, showing that a vehicle was recalled may be a clear sign that the manufacturer has acknowledged that they put a defective, potentially dangerous product on the market. This can help injured victims to seek compensation for their damages with an injury lawyer in Las Vegas. However, it is also essential to consider the owner’s responsibility, especially if the plaintiff was informed about the recall but chose to ignore it instead. To be on the safe side, it is vital to go in for service as soon as you can after receiving a notice of a vehicle recall. Of course, some people may find that the dealership cannot schedule an appointment for them, and they must continue to drive the recalled car before a repair. Keep a record of your attempts to schedule service.


Other Factors in Car Accidents in Las Vegas

The manufacturer may also attempt to argue that they are not responsible if you allowed anyone else to work on the vehicle, especially on the defective part. Make sure you get your recall service in an authorized location. They may also claim that other factors aside from the defect were responsible for causing the crash, like driver negligence or road conditions.

If you have been injured by a recalled vehicle in Las Vegas, you can pursue the auto manufacturer for compensation. At The Schnitzer Law Firm, our experienced injury lawyer in Las Vegas have secured substantial settlements and verdicts for accident victims. To set up your initial consultation today, call our office at 702-960-4050 or use our secure online form.