Qualities of a Strong Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Choose the Best Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in Nevada, you may be looking for a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer that can help you to protect your rights and seek compensation for your damages. When choosing a lawyer, you want to make sure that you’re finding the best Las Vegas personal injury attorney. By keeping some key tips in mind, you can find the lawyer that fits your needs and can help you fight for justice.

    1. Analytical Skills
      Practicing law means sorting through large amounts of information, differentiating important facts and telling a story that reflects a client’s experiences. It also means dealing with insurance company attorneys on the other side who will be trying their best to minimize a client’s payout or shift the blame for a serious accident or injury. A skilled Las Vegas personal injury lawyer like Jordan Schnitzer has the analytical skills needed to understand your case. He previously headed the Las Vegas office for one of the largest insurers in the country and learned their approach to cases. Now, he is recognized as one of the Top 40 under 40 trial lawyers by the American Society of Legal Advocates and the National Trial Lawyers.
    2. Communication Skills
      Communication skills are critical for the best Las Vegas personal injury attorney, because your lawyer needs to convey your case. A lawyer must persuasively present each case from insurance negotiations through trial and appeal. Your lawyer needs to understand your issue deeply and make clear, effective arguments that present the harms you have suffered and the compensation that you need. Jordan Schnitzer studied communications before attending the UCLA School of Law, and his commitment to exceptional communication shows in the results he has achieved, including multiple jury verdicts that exceed $2 million. Jordan is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and was named one of the state’s Legal Elite by “Nevada Business” magazine.
    3. Research and Investigation Skills
      The importance of detailed research and investigation cannot be overestimated when looking for the right Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer needs a complete understanding of the law and the factual situation that led to your injury, as we well as the impact the injury has left on your life. Preparing a legal strategy in a personal injury case means researching various theories of responsibility and being able to present them clearly to make a compelling case. Because Jordan Schnitzer is a certified Las Vegas personal injury specialist, he can work with his team to research the responsible parties and move forward to seek the compensation you deserve. The Schnitzer Law Firm takes pride in providing strong, strategic representation to clients based on detailed research.
    4. Creativity
      Excellent legal practice is not just about knowing the law and previous cases. It is also about taking a creative approach to unique situations. Every client’s case is unique and requires an individualized strategy. A creative approach to the law allows for new opportunities to solve problems. When it comes to personal injury law, the most effective solution is not always the most obvious. When you turn to The Schnitzer Law Firm, you’ll find an experienced firm with a strong background in helping clients to obtain justice. With legal education from one of the country’s top law schools and years of experience securing significant compensation, Jordan Schnitzer’s creative approach can help you achieve real results.
    5. Responsiveness
      Even a great legal strategy can seem questionable if you can never get in touch with your Las Vegas personal injury attorney. An attorney needs to respond to lawyers for the other party, fellow attorneys, legal staff at the firm, experts, insurers, and, most importantly, clients. Failure to respond quickly can mean lost time and lost compensation for a client. The Schnitzer Law Firm has a strong customer service commitment that means you’ll always talk to a live person. Your attorney will respond promptly with ongoing communication and updates on your case and its progress.
      1. Commitment and Determination
        A personal injury case can involve significant amounts of paperwork and teams of lawyers from insurance companies dedicated to delaying or denying a payout to injured clients. Your personal injury lawyer’s commitment and determination are key to cutting through these delay tactics and helping you to secure much-needed compensation. The practice of law requires significant commitment, from the first days of law school to following a case from the initial settlement negotiations through to trial. Jordan Schnitzer’s results speak for themselves, and as a board-certified Personal Injury Specialist, he is determined to pursue your claim for maximum benefit.If you’ve been injured in Las Vegas through no fault of your own, you can turn to a personal injury lawyer to seek the compensation you deserve. Call our office today at 702-960-4050 or use our simple online form to schedule a consultation with no obligation.