Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Burn Injury

What to Ask Your Doctor After Suffering Burn Injuries: Key Questions to Help Build Your Personal Injury Case

Burn injuries can be severe and life-changing. Burn victims can suffer injuries in various types of accidents, from a car crash to a fire at a crowded club or public venue. Some people in Las Vegas may even suffer burns as a result of poorly managed fireworks or other entertainment programs.

You may rush to the doctor or the hospital for care, but if someone else’s negligence led to your burn injuries, you might be able to pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. A Las Vegas personal injury law firm can help burn victims to understand their rights and fight for the compensation they deserve.

When you seek medical care for your burn injuries, there are several questions that you can ask your doctor to understand your situation better. These questions can also be important when you work with the best personal injury lawyer Las Vegas to pursue a claim for damages.


What Are My Injuries?

You know that you’ve been burned and that you’re suffering as a result. To pursue a personal injury claim, however, you also need to understand the details of your burn injuries. Medical information is an essential part of any successful personal injury case, and it can help to communicate the severity and length of your suffering.


How Long Will the Pain Last?

Your pain and suffering have value. Information from your doctor about how long your pain should last can help a Las Vegas personal injury law firm to fight for sufficient compensation.


Will I Need Future Treatment?

Many burn victims may need ongoing care and treatment, even years after the initial injury. It’s important that these costs are considered in any personal injury case, so a long-term prognosis from your doctor can be critical in demonstrating the real costs of your injury.


What Was the Cause of the Injury?

Your doctor can help you to show that your injuries were caused by the incident in question and were not pre-existing.


What About Going Back to Work?

Lost wages are another significant expense faced by many burn victims. Your doctor can document that you are unable to work due to your injuries, and a written opinion and estimate of the length of time you need for recovery can help prove this in court or settlement negotiations.


What Else Should I Do?

Make sure that you get all the treatment you need to help you recover from your injury. Specialists can often provide more details critical to proving the extent of your injuries.


When you’ve been burned due to someone else’s negligence, make sure you get the medical care you need. Not only can it be critical to your recovery, but it is also essential to prevailing in your personal injury claim.

The best personal injury lawyer Las Vegas can help you understand more about what to ask your doctor to help support your claim. Our experienced attorneys can provide you with advice and help review your medical records to prove the extent of your burn injuries. Contact The Schnitzer Law Firm at 702-960-4050 or use our secure online form to request a consultation with no obligation.