Safety Tip: Protect Your Car From Las Vegas Summer Heat And Help Prevent An Accident

If you’re in Las Vegas, you know that the summer heat can be a real bear to cars and other vehicles. By keeping a close eye on your car to protect it from the worst ravages of extreme heat, you can also help to keep yourself and others on the road safe. Proper auto maintenance can help avoid dangerous and devastating car crashes and keep you from needing the services of a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas.. Kee

In the summer, temperatures are known to soar well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the Las Vegas area. Emergency roadside assistance calls also shoot up when the temperature does. The American Automobile Association notes that it often receives over 78,000 calls for overheated engines, flat tires, dead batteries and other issues during the summer months. In order to prevent these types of problems before they happen, regular maintenance is necessary with an eye toward specific summer concerns.

Check Your Tires

For example, flat tires are more likely to happen in the summer months. On average, each month a tire typically loses a pound of pressure. Regular pressure checks and filling the tires can help avoid problems. However, hot weather can also cause the air inside your tires to expand. This can lead tires to rupture or weaken when encountering small roadside debris.

Protect Your Battery

In addition, even battery failures can be more common in the summer. The heat and vibrations in the vehicle can damage or weaken the battery and battery fluid itself is more likely to evaporate in the summer months. By cleaning up signs of corrosion and ensuring the battery is properly mounted, you can help to avoid unexpected battery failure in the sweltering heat.

Keep Fluids Topped Up

Regular maintenance of fluids is also particularly important in the summer months. Drivers can flush their cooling systems to help ensure that their engines do not overheat and make sure that fluids are regularly topped off to prevent evaporation and damage while driving. Air conditioning maintenance can also be important to prevent problems from developing when the system is under heavy use. Using the A/C during the extreme heat not only enhances your comfort, it can also help you avoid accidents, as the cool air helps to reduce driver fatigue and improve concentration.

Despite all of the precautions you take to improve your safety on the road, you can still be faced with a devastating crash caused by someone else’s dangerous, negligent driving. If you’ve been the victim of a car accident, a Las Vegas injury lawyer can help you seek the compensation you need. Call The Schnitzer Law Firm at 702-960-4050 or use our easy online form to schedule a free consultation with our experienced personal injury lawyers.