Six Facts To Remember About Car Accidents

Interesting Facts About Car Accidents: How to Stay Safe on the Road 

Cars are so much a part of our daily lives that it’s difficult to imagine getting around without them. Unfortunately, when a crash takes place, the consequences can be serious and even deadly; people can face severe injuries and lifelong disabilities because of a collision. These interesting facts about car accidents could help you avoid a crash of your own:


  1. Cell phones can be dangerous.

If you’re talking on a mobile phone, your risk of a car crash increases by a full 400 percent. Phones distract you mentally, verbally and visually, whether you’re talking, surfing or texting while driving.


  1. Car accidents are a global concern.

If you’ve been hit by a car due to someone else’s negligent driving here, you can call one of the best personal injury lawyer Las Vegas at The Schnitzer Law Firm. Car crashes aren’t only a problem in Las Vegas, however; in fact, collisions take 1,300,000 lives each year around the world, leading to one out of every 50 deaths.


  1. Crashes are most likely close to home.

Most accidents take place less than 3 miles from at least one of the drivers’ homes. It’s not clear exactly why car crashes are far more likely when you’re close to home, but many people speculate that most people commute daily for 3 miles or less. Some suggest that drivers get overly confident in familiar areas, leading to more frequent negligent driving.


  1. Crashes cost every driver $800 each year.

Someone gets into an injury crash every 14 seconds somewhere across the country. With the bills that pile up after accidents, Americans lose more than $230 billion each year for medical costs, lost wages and repair charges after car crashes. This means that on average, every driver pays $800 annually due to car accidents.


  1. Car accidents aren’t truly accidents.

We know that people aged 16 to 20 are more likely to die in a crash, and studies indicate that men cause twice as many collisions as women. But car crashes aren’t just random accidents. Irresponsible, negligent drivers cause most motor vehicle collisions.


  1. Accident numbers are again on the rise.

Improved vehicle safety technology has meant that deaths due to car accidents have plummeted since the 1970s. In the 1990s, car accident-related deaths fell to 40,000 per year. While this number decreased to 33,883 in 2009, more recent years indicate that deadly crashes are once again increasing.

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