Steps to Take If You’ve Been In a Hit and Run

If you or a loved one have suffered personal injuries as the result of a hit and run accident, you likely find yourself in a complicated and challenging situation. You may very well face significant medical issues. Moreover, you have legal rights and interests that must be protected. With this in mind, there are some specific steps that you need to take when at all possible following being the victim of a hit and run accident.

 Immediately Contact Law Enforcement

 A crucial step that must be taken following a hit and run accident is to call the police. Even if you initially believe that you have not been injured or that the incident is “no big deal,” you have no idea of what injuries not immediately discovered you sustained. Moreover, even if you have no immediately identifiable injuries, as a result of the hit and run accident, a crime has been committed.

 The involvement of law enforcement heightens the prospect that the person responsible for the hit and run accident will be identified and located. Protecting the full range of your legal interests depends upon identifying and locating the person responsible for a hit and run accident.

 Bear in mind that your own insurance company initially can become involved in this type of accident. A typical insurance policy requires the filing of a police report following an accident involving a motor vehicle.

Hit and Run Accident


Properly Document the Scene of a Hit and Run Accident

 Of course, in the immediate aftermath of a hit and run accident, you need to make sure that your medical needs are appropriately addressed. If other people are injured as well, you also want to make certain that medical assistance is available to them as well. You also need to ensure that you and others involved in such an accident are out of harm’s way before doing anything else.


A primary step associated with a hit and run accident is documenting the scene of the incident as much as reasonably possible. If your injuries, damages, or losses permit, you need to attempt to document the accident scene in a number of different ways. If you are not in a position to do this yourself, which certainly is a real possibility, you need to do your best to find another person who can undertake this documentation process on your behalf.

 First, you will want to visually document the hit and run accident scene. This includes taking photos or videos or the scene. If at all possible, you want to create these types of images of the scene from different perspectives or vantage points.

 Second, you should attempt to identify all witnesses to the incident that you can in the aftermath of the accident. Ideally, you obtain not only the names but a complete set of contact information for each witness. If at all possible, obtain a concise statement from each witness. If a witness is willing, you might want to consider making a direct and to the point video of a statement from that individual.

 Following car accidents in Las Vegas that involve a hit and run victim, documenting the accident scene fully and appropriately can prove to be a challenge. This reality underscores the need for a victim of a hit and run accident to engage the services of a personal injury law firm Las Vegas. The legal team at a Las Vegas personal injury law firm has access to experts and others who can facilitate filling in the proverbial gaps that may exist in documenting a hit and run accident scene at the time of the incident itself.

Properly Document Your Personal Injuries

 On a related note, you will also want to make sure that you properly, fully document the nature and extent of your personal injuries as completely as possible in the aftermath of a Las Vegas hit and run accident. Of course, the primary reason you need to seek immediate medical attention following a hit and run accident is to ensure that you receive proper medical care and treatment. This is a must even when victims of these types of Las Vegas traffic accidents believe that they have not sustained any significant injuries.

As mentioned a moment ago, there are injuries that can and do arise from these types of Las Vegas traffic accidents that are not immediately identifiable. For example, certain types of traumatic brain injuries can result from a hit and run accident. Some traumatic brain injuries do not immediately present symptoms identifiable to a layperson. However, in what may be a relatively short period of time, these types of traumatic brain injuries can have serious and even fatal consequences if prompt medical attention is not obtained.


Obtaining immediate medical attention is also a crucial part of documenting injuries that may be associated with hit and run Las Vegas car accidents. Ultimately obtaining justice and compensation from these hit and run Las Vegas car accidents depends upon expert evidence and testimony provided by physicians, including any doctor that attended to your medical needs following this type of incident. 


Skilled injury attorneys Las Vegas also advise their clients to visually document any evident injuries that might be present following hit and run car accidents Las Vegas. As is the case with documenting the accident scene itself more broadly, this crucial task can be accomplished by taking photos or making a video of apparent injuries that exist in the immediate aftermath of this type of accident.

 Importance of Retaining Professional Assistance from the Best Injury Lawyer Las Vegas

 Hit and run accidents can prove to be highly complicated legal matters. Even pursuing a legally permissible insurance claim can be a challenging endeavor, not to mention the mechanics of this type of personal injury lawsuit. In obtaining representation from a Las Vegas personal injury law firm, you want to make certain that professionals have specific experience in representing clients in hit and run accidents.

 The Schnitzer Law Firm is a law practice that has direct experience in representing clients injured in hit and run accidents. You can connect with injury attorneys Las Vegas at The Schnitzer Law Firm by calling 702-960-4050. A no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation can be scheduled at any time convenient for you.