Steps to Take If You’ve Been Injured in a Las Vegas Hotel 

Las Vegas is far and away one of the most favored tourist destinations in the world. Every year, millions of people converge on the city that really doesn’t sleep. In the vast majority of instances, people who visit Vegas have wonderful, memorable experiences. Sadly, in some rare, unfortunate occasions, people are injured in Vegas hotels, casinos, restaurants, and other destinations. You need to take several crucial steps if you’ve been in a Las Vegas hotel accident.

1. Document the Scene of the Accident

As much as reasonably can be done, you need to document the scene of the accident. Tending to medical issues and injuries takes precedence over everything else indirect aftermath of a Las Vegas hotel accident. Ideally, documenting the scene of a Las Vegas hotel accident includes a number of important elements.

  • video or take photos of the scene of the hotel accident itself
  • video or take pictures of any apparent injuries sustained as a result of the accident
  • obtain the names and complete contact information from any witnesses at the scene of the accident
  • Obtain statements from witnesses, if possible

Las Vegas hotel accident

2. Report the Accident to Hotel Management

Promptly report the accident to hotel management. Obtain something in writing from the hotel management team that you reported the accident on their property. 

3. Make Certain You Understand the Claim Submission Process

When an injured person wants fair and appropriate compensation, a timely insurance claim needs to be made. The failure to make a timely claim can cause significant problems for an injured person in need of compensation. 

The reality is that the insurance claim settlement process can be complicated and problematic for a person without legal representation. Insurance companies have a primary objective to make money for their stockholders. These mammoth insurance companies increase their bottom lines by reducing the payment of claims to injured women, men, and children.

Las Vegas hotel accident

4. Seek Medical Attention

Promptly after you’ve been involved in an accident at a Las Vegas hotel, you need to seek medical attention. You must take this crucial step even if you believe that your injuries were minimal.

In many instances, the stark reality is that a person has an accident that doesn’t immediately exhibit symptoms of a serious injury. For example, if you experience a slip and fall in a Vegas hotel, you might suffer a traumatic brain injury. In some cases, the symptoms of what can prove to be a severe traumatic brain injury do not immediately exhibit.

In addition to ensuring that your health and well-being is fully protected following a Vegas hotel accident, another crucial reason exists to seek medical attention. To successfully pursue a claim for compensation for injuries, damages, and losses you may have sustained following a Vegas hotel accident, you need to have documentation about your condition in the aftermath of such an incident. This can only be accomplished if you seek an appropriate medical evaluation from a physician.

5. Do Not Submit to Questioning from a Representative of the Hotel or an Insurance Company

Following a Las Vegas hotel accident, an insurance company might swoop in and attempt to get you to settle your claim quickly. Insurance companies often pressure claimants to settle soon. This strategy nearly always results in an injured person settling a claim for a lower amount of money than what is warranted in a particular case. 

As a person who has been injured in a Las Vegas hotel accident, you do not have to submit to questioning by an insurance company or its representatives. If an insurance company quickly contacts you, advise the representative that, at this time, you do not want to answer any questions. Advise that you are in the process of seeking legal representation. If you already have retained an attorney and an insurance contacts you, provide the insurance company representative the name and contact information of your Las Vegas personal injury law firm or attorney. 

Law Vegas Personal Injury Law Firm

6. Seek Experienced Legal Representation from a Law Vegas Personal Injury Law Firm

A final point you need to bear in mind in the aftermath of being injured at a Las Vegas hotel is the importance of being proactive in seeking legal representation. Injury lawyers in Las Vegas at The Schnitzer Law Firm are available to provide you with a case evaluation. 


You can schedule an initial consultation with a Schnitzer Las Vegas personal injury law firm by calling (702) 960-4050. There is never a charge for an initial consultation with the injury attorneys Las Vegas NV at The Schnitzer Law Firm. The firm never charges an attorney fee unless they obtain a favorable judgment or settlement for a client injured in a Las Vegas hotel accident.