The Six Most Dangerous Jobs In The United States

Many workers in Las Vegas face daily dangers on the job. For some, they have to deal with dangerous or negligent drivers as they navigate the roads for work. Others face the risks that come with the use of heavy machinery or construction equipment, while many others face escalated dangers because their employers fail to provide a safe environment at work. Workplace injuries and accidents can keep people out of a job or leave them with serious injuries or lifelong disabilities. Here are some of the most dangerous jobs you might encounter:

  1. Trash and recycling collectors

Sanitation workers face serious dangers on the job. They often need to cross in and out of traffic and may face impatient or speeding vehicles. Even the trucks they drive could malfunction or trap a worker as they load them with garbage. Sanitation workers injured on the job can consult with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas to find out about their legal options.

  1. Roofers

Construction jobs are often dangerous, but roofers lead the pack. They work at heights and often on sloping surfaces. In many cases, roofers aren’t provided with proper protective gear or fall arrest systems, and the consequences of a fall from a height could be devastating or even deadly.

  1. Truck and sales drivers

Transportation crashes kill the most American workers every year; they were the cause of 40 percent of all workplace fatalities in 2016. Truck and sales drivers face negligent or dangerous drivers every day and are at an escalated risk of serious injury.

  1. Grounds maintenance workers

Every casino, park and activity center in Las Vegas hires people to maintain the grounds and use power tools to keep them looking great. Too many people have dangerous equipment, however, and may lack the training or protective gear to use it safely.

  1. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs

You can always hop in a cab in Las Vegas to enjoy an evening of adult entertainment, but the drivers are at serious risk of workplace injuries. They may face dangerous, distracted and drunk drivers on the road or even violence from would-be passengers. If you’re a taxi driver hurt on the job, a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can help you fight for your rights.

  1. Security guards and gaming surveillance officers

Every casino and nightclub in Las Vegas has security staff, but they can face real dangers when something goes wrong. From violence on the job to unsafe surroundings, these workers face an escalated risk of injury.

Workers who are injured on the job have rights, and a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas can help to get them the compensation they need. An experienced lawyer can expose the safety violations that could have caused the injury. Call The Schnitzer Law Firm today at 702-960-4050 to set up a consultation or use our simple online form.