These Personal Injuries Are Most Common on Halloween

Many people look forward to Halloween all year, planning costumes, decorating their homes, and spending time with family. However, Halloween is also one of the most dangerous holidays with an increased risk of injury, according to a Las Vegas personal injury law firm. If you or a loved one suffers an injury on Halloween, it is crucial to understand what rights you may have. This is especially important if the injury is the result of a dangerous condition on the property of someone else or if someone is negligent.


Slip and Fall Injuries

One of the most common injuries on Halloween is slip and fall injuries. Tripping and falling can lead to broken bones and traumatic head injuries. Often, these types of injuries happen at night while people are trick-or-treating. This may be due to Halloween decorations that are not secured, sidewalks crowded with people, or uneven walking surfaces that cannot be easily seen. If you are on someone’s property and suffer an injury after tripping over uneven sidewalks or Halloween decorations, the property owner may be responsible for your injury.


Pedestrian Accidents

Las Vegas car accidents involving pedestrians are also common on Halloween. Most drivers try to be as cautious as possible on Halloween due to small children trick-or-treating and people who may be walking on the way to parties. People wearing Halloween costumes may have a portion of their vision blocked by masks or other parts of the ensemble and not see a car coming down the road. Even if the vehicle is traveling at a slow rate of speed, a pedestrian can be severely injured.


Distracted and Drunk Driving Accidents

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are not the only Las Vegas car accidents that may occur on Halloween. Drivers can be more distracted on the holiday because they are looking at decorations or costumes. They may be in an unfamiliar area and are checking their GPS direction. Drivers may also be talking on the phone or texting. Besides, Halloween parties may lead to an increase in people getting behind the wheel of the car after drinking. This can lead to accidents that may cause severe injury not only to pedestrians but to other drivers on the road as well.


Inadequate Security

Halloween events are required to have security to protect visitors. Haunted houses, theaters that show scary movies, bars, restaurants, and other businesses that entertain Halloween must take measures to keep patrons safe. A haunted house actor who is overzealous in their part could cause someone to hurt themselves while getting away or disagreement in a bar that leads to a fight with injuries are both examples of inadequate security.

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