Three Things NOT to Do When Awaiting a Personal Injury Settlement

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, the other party may be willing to settle your case without going to court. This could be especially true if you work with a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas. It is important to remember that the settlement is not finalized until you sign all the documents and have received the money you are entitled under the law. Unfortunately, people have sabotaged their own settlement by doing these three things.

Talking to Others

One way to sabotage your personal injury settlement is to talk to the wrong people. If you discuss the case with an adjuster, a lawyer for the other person or anyone not connected to the case, anything you say will be used against you. When someone asks you about the situation, even your friends and family, decline to answer and refer them to your attorney. The insurance company will investigate the claim and ask anyone you spoke with about the case.

Posting on Social Media

While you are waiting for a personal injury settlement, you should be very careful what you post on social media. Every post could end up in front of a jury and used to try and minimize the impact of your injuries. Keep a low profile on social media and set your accounts to private until you receive your settlement.

Not Following Medical Advice

One of the worst things you can do while waiting for a settlement, according to a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, is not to follow medical advice. You must see a doctor if you are injured, but you must also do what the doctor tells you to do. If the doctor says you cannot lift so much as a gallon of milk, don’t go to the grocery store and lift one. Don’t miss doctor or physical therapy appointments and be sure to take all medications the doctor prescribes. You should also be honest about any prior accidents or injuries you may have that could impact your recovery. A previous injury could be made worse after an accident, so it is essential to be honest with your doctor.

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