Tips for Hiring the Right Lawyer for a Rideshare Injury Claim

As Uber and Lyft become available throughout the country, many people are discovering the benefits of ridesharing programs that allow you to select a car and driver through a mobile app, pay for the service and even tip the driver in a safe manner. However, as an Uber accident lawyer Las Vegas explains, when you hop into the backseat of a rideshare car, you may not understand what can happen should you be injured in an accident during your trip. If you have been injured in a rideshare accident, whether you were a passenger or driving another vehicle, you need to find an Uber or Lyft accident lawyer Las Vegas who understands the complexities of such a crash.


Insurance Complexities

The first question you will want to ask an attorney after an Uber accident Las Vegas is what they know about insurance for rideshare companies. Over the past few years, both Uber and Lyft have attempted to address insurance issues and make the policies much easier to understand. However, what policy pays and when can still be confusing. In some states, Lyft does not provide coverage for their drivers but requires them to purchase an additional procedure on their own. If the driver chooses not to purchase the insurance, and their policy does not cover them during rideshare, you could be left with significant medical bills and lost time from work that is not covered by insurance.  However, in Nevada, insurance rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are required by law to maintain insurance for their drivers.


Different Periods of a Trip Have Different Coverages

When a driver is in their vehicle but does not have the app activated, they are considered offline. If they are involved in an accident during that time, their insurance is used for any injuries or damage. In Nevada, when a rideshare driver has the app on and available to accept passengers, Nevada law requires $50,000 in coverage per person or $100,000 per accident along with $25,000 in property damage.  When the Uber of Lyft driver is on the way to pick up a passenger, or has a passenger in the car, Nevada law requires $1.5 million in insurance per accident.  Uber and Lyft may also carry underinsured motorist coverage in the event you are injured in a crash where the other vehicle was at fault.

Uber and Lyft Response

An Uber or Lyft accident lawyer Las Vegas should be prepared to deal with the rideshare company itself. Often, the companies take a “hands-off” approach to accidents involving their drivers. If Lyft or Uber offers a settlement, it is often far less than what the injured party should receive as Uber and Lyft are looking out for the company and not for the person who was hurt. Uber and Lyft also have difficult claims processing procedures given the volume of claims they deal with on a daily basis.

Possible Compensation

A Lyft or Uber accident lawyer Las Vegas will fight to get you the compensation you deserve under the law. They can help you get paid for any property or vehicle damage as well as any wages you lose as a result of an injury. They can also help you get compensation not only for your current medical expenses but also for expenses you may have in the future, including physical therapy or home care costs. You may even be eligible for pain and suffering or emotional distress.

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