Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney: 10 Reasons to Consider

When you’re involved in an accident, whether in a vehicle, at work, or while at a place of business, you may be in pain and concerned about the future of your family. Unexpected medical bills are one of the top reasons for bankruptcy filings in the United States. In 2014, 40 percent of Americans incurred debt due to medical expenses. If you have suffered an injury due to an accident, you’ll need the best personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas to represent you. Here are my ten very good reasons why you should hire a personal injury attorney.

No Fees if You Don’t Win

Las Vegas residents can trust and appreciate a lawyer that is working on what is known as a contingency basis. This means that they take their fees from your settlement if you win. You can always count on no fee’s until you win with The Schnitzer Law Firm in Las Vegas.

Thorough Investigation

Personal injury attorneys often have their own investigative team. Their investigators not only reconstruct your accident to demonstrate in court how negligence or wrongdoing led to your injury, but they can also search for assets and insurance including uninsured motorist insurance, under insured motorist insurance, and no-fault coverage such as personal insurance protection (PIP) and medical payments coverage (medpay), so that you have a better chance to collect.

Time Savings

You don’t have time to request medical records, review medical charts, read police reports. Even if you did have the time, you probably don’t have the knowledge necessary to understand the legalese in many of those reports. A personal injury attorney understands the reports and can pull information you may not even know you need. It’s our job to make sure we have all the knowledge to represent you well.

Resolution Alternatives

It is not unusual for insurance adjustors to offer low settlement amounts. They may also offer alternative methods of dispute. A personal injury attorney will handle arbitration and mediation, in an attempt to get you a fair settlement, but are prepared to take your case to trial.

Objective Views

Because a personal injury attorney knows they will not receive payment unless they win the case, they offer objectivity. They will explain why your case deserves a better settlement and won’t take a case they don’t believe they can win.

Attorney Knowledge

Personal injury lawyers have knowledge of the opposing attorneys in your case. They also know that divorce, bankruptcy and other factors can have an impact on your case. Personal injury lawyers have worked with bankruptcy, divorce and corporate attorneys in other cases, so they are well-versed in how the other attorneys will operate.

Higher Settlement Amounts

An attorney can get you a higher settlement than you can negotiate on your own. Statistics show that people who hire personal injury attorneys get higher settlements than those who act on their own. Studies have shown that people who hire attorney’s, on average, recover more than if they had not hired an attorney – even after paying the attorneys’ fees.

Prepared for Trial

Although people have the ability to represent themselves in court, there is no question that an attorney will be able to handle the complexities of a trial much better than the average person with little understanding of the law. If you cannot settle your case, you will need to go to trial and an attorney can help guide you through that process.


A personal injury attorney has extensive experience with claims just like yours. They have won cases for people with your same injuries, same financial burdens and same accident details. the insurance companies know an experienced personal injury attorney will file a lawsuit if they do not make a fair offer.  If you don’t hire an attorney, the insurance company will not be concerned about if you do not think their offer is fair.

Knowledge of the Process

The most important reason to hire a personal injury attorney is that they understand the personal injury process. They can offer advice and guidance so that you get the settlement you deserve.

If you have been injured in an accident, contact the best personal injury lawyer Las Vegas to represent you. You can reach The Schnitzer Law firm by phone or by completing the easy form online to get started today.