What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?

Las Vegas and the entire state of Nevada are experiencing yet another crisis. 2021 was reportedly the deadliest traffic year since 2006 for pedestrians, and we continued to see those numbers climb in 2022. By May, pedestrian deaths were up 35% from 2021.

The best way to prevent these avoidable deaths is to spread awareness about the issue and what’s causing it. Below, we’ll go over the top seven causes of Las Vegas traffic accidents and how to avoid them.

1. Distracted Driving

One of the top causes of Las Vegas traffic accidents is distracted driving. All it takes is a few seconds of distraction to cause you to take your eyes off the road and wind up causing an accident. Distractions can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • Texting or talking on the phone
  • Eating or drinking
  • Changing the radio station
  • Talking to your passengers
  • Attempting to adjust the GPS
  • Having kids or pets in the car
  • Disassociating or zoning out

Motorists can help avoid distracted driving accidents by doing their best to remain vigilant behind the wheel. Pedestrians can’t do much to avoid these collisions, but it’s always best to remember that a driver may be distracted. As a pedestrian, keep your eyes open for signs that a driver isn’t going to stop.

2. Driving/Walking While Intoxicated

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We all know Las Vegas is also called Sin City for a reason. Considering millions come to Vegas each year to unwind and partake in things like alcohol, it’s not surprising that intoxication is a top cause of pedestrian fatalities.

Intoxication can impact both parties. Of course, it’s against the law to get behind the wheel once you’re intoxicated. Therefore, any intoxicated driver will assume financial responsibility for any accident they cause. If you’ve experienced this type of collision, it’s in your best interest to contact a Las Vegas personal injury law firm as soon as possible. Pedestrians can also cause accidents when they are intoxicated, too. Pedestrians might attempt to walk in the middle of the road, or they may fail to take heed of incoming traffic.

3. Failure to Yield to Pedestrian Traffic
Drivers can also cause pedestrian fatalities by failing to yield to pedestrian traffic. Most fatal pedestrian accidents happen in urban areas of Nevada, where motorists are expected to watch for pedestrians at crosswalks. Per Nevada law, drivers must yield to pedestrians whether the crosswalks are marked or not. In other words, it’s up to the driver to slow down (or stop) at all crosswalks to ensure that no one is nearby before proceeding.

Personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas are skilled at proving this type of driver negligence. If you suspect the driver failed to yield, get in touch with an attorney who can help.

4. Speeding or Reckless Driving

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Another top cause of pedestrian fatalities is speeding or reckless driving. Motorists have a legal obligation to provide for the care of pedestrians and abide by all traffic laws. Speeding is not only a direct violation of traffic laws but also very dangerous. Speeding both causes accidents and contributes to the severity of pedestrian injuries. If you think your loved one’s pedestrian accident was the result of a speeding driver, then it makes sense to contact personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas who can help you recover from the ordeal.

5. Poor Visibility
Many Las Vegas car accidents are caused by poor visibility in pedestrian-heavy areas. Pedestrians who walk at night should take extra steps to help vehicles see them. From wearing reflective gear to being extra cautious in low visibility areas, pedestrians can help keep themselves safe. Poor city infrastructure can also contribute to these accidents when the city fails to install or maintain proper street lights.

6. Improper Crossing
While many of the causes listed above fall on the shoulders of the motorist, there are times when a pedestrian is at least partially responsible for the accident. Improper crossings happen when a pedestrian fails to look for coming cars, intentionally walks out in traffic, attempts to block traffic on purpose, or otherwise creates an immediate hazard. You can prevent these types of accidents by always checking for cars and only crossing the road when you perceive it is safe to do so.

7. Poor Weather

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Poor weather conditions can also contribute to pedestrian fatalities. As every Las Vegas resident knows, the weather in the desert is often extreme, and flash flooding is also a serious concern. When weather conditions are poor, visibility gets reduced, and it can become nearly impossible to spot pedestrians who are also struggling to navigate the poor weather.

Top Seven Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Las Vegas
While understanding the top causes of pedestrian accidents is a crucial step in avoiding them, Las Vegas car accidents will always remain an issue in the city. No one person is perfect all the time, and it only takes one brief moment of looking away from the road to wind up in a devastating irreversible situation.

If you or someone you know was recently injured or fatally wounded in a pedestrian accident, then it’s important for you to get in touch with a Las Vegas personal injury law firm as soon as possible. A good lawyer can help you better understand your legal options and rights moving forward. Get in touch with our legal experts today to discuss your accident situation in more detail.

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