What Happens if You Get Injured at a Las Vegas Attraction?

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There are countless attractions to occupy your attention in Las Vegas, a city built for fun. While there are many adult-themed activities in the city, including outstanding nightlife and casinos, family-friendly attractions include amusement parks, roller coasters, and other thrilling rides. However, a fun ride can go wrong when the operator’s negligence leads to accidents and injuries.

Guests at Nevada amusement parks and theme parks can file personal injury lawsuits against park operators, owners, vendors, and employees if their negligence leads to personal injuries. Roller-coaster accidents can be severe and traumatic, leading to brain injuries and other permanent disabilities. In order to recover after a theme park injury, it is important to prove that the park or its employees were negligent. Experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer Jordan Schnitzer can help you to make your case for compensation for your lost wages, medical bills and other damages.


How Could You Be Harmed at a Las Vegas Attraction?

A roller-coaster crash may be one of the most dramatic types of accidents. However, there are a number of different types of incidents that can have a serious effect on guests’ health, lives, and well-being. Even though amusement parks in Las Vegas are usually safe, over 100 people are injured every year at these parks. Many of these injuries are simple accidents, but others are caused by negligence.

For example, poorly maintained rides could crash, break or derail, improperly managed public areas could cause slip-and-fall accidents and unsecured falling objects could lead to head injuries. If children are allowed to ride attractions for bigger kids or adults, their restraints may not be sufficient to protect them during a ride. Even a concession stand could be the cause of food poisoning.


When Is the Theme Park Responsible?

Park management isn’t responsible for everything that can go wrong near an attraction, but operators have a responsibility to present reasonably safe conditions for their customers. Park operators could be held responsible for violating their duty of care if they:

  • Operate broken, defective or malfunctioning rides
  • Fail to maintain, repair or inspect the attractions
  • Allow children to ride on adult attractions without proper safety equipment
  • Fail to use sufficient warning signs or comply with safety standards
  • Hire untrained, unqualified employees
  • Fail to maintain the property and avoid wet, slippery, unsafe conditions.

How Can You Seek Compensation for Injuries?

If you’ve been injured on a Las Vegas attraction or at an amusement park, turn to a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas. A skilled lawyer like Jordan Schnitzer can help his clients to achieve settlements and verdicts with significant compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages. In some cases, the park may even be responsible for punitive damages if intentional or severe misconduct is involved.


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