What to Do if a Defective Car Part Caused a Las Vegas Car Accident

Many people harbor understandable misconceptions about automobile manufacturing plants. They believe that most if not all elements of a motor vehicle are manufactured at the site of the plant and brought together in a finished vehicle. These types of manufacturing venues are known as automobile assembly plants. A typical motor vehicle is assembled at these locations using numerous different parts manufactured by companies at other locations. As a consequence, when car accidents in Las Vegas occur as the result of a part defect of some type, or if injuries are made more severe because of a defective part, the pursuit of a claim for justifiable compensation can prove to be a complicated task. 


 Types of Defective Part Situations that Give Rise to Car Accidents in Las Vegas


 Part-related defects that give rise to car accidents in Las Vegas occur for several different reasons:


  • Design defects,
  • Manufacturing error,
  • Improper installation,
  • Improper maintenance, or
  • Combination of factors. 

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 Most Frequent Defective Parts in Las Vegas Car Accidents 


 The reality is that a myriad of different types of automobile cars can be defective in their design, manufacture, or installation, causing greater injury in car accidents in Las Vegas. With that noted, there are certain types of defective part Las Vegas car accidents that occur with greater frequency. These include:


  • Brake failure,
  • Sudden unintended acceleration,
  • Power steering failure,
  • Tire failure,
  • Airbag deployment failure,
  • Unintended, unnecessary airbag deployment,
  • Airbag deployment with too much force,
  • Seatbelt that unlatches during an accident,
  • Other types of seatbelt failure,
  • Roof collapse, and
  • Electrical system defect resulting in fire.


 Identifying Parties Responsible for a Defective Part Car Accident


 One of the primary reasons why pursuing a claim for compensation for injuries arising from a defective part car accident in Las Vegas is the fact that multiple parties are likely to be at fault for the issue that leads to a collision or an aggravation of injuries. The parties responsible for a defective part motor vehicle accident are ascertained based upon the specific facts and circumstances of an incident. Certain parties commonly are deemed liable or legally responsible for injuries, damages, and losses stemming from a defective part motor vehicle accident:


  • Part manufacturer,
  • Vehicle manufacturer or car assembly company,
  • Part designer, and
  • Car dealership.


 If a replacement car part was installed on a vehicle, the list of potentially responsible parties can include the service center that replaced the part. The bottom line is that a skilled personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas develops a chain of responsibility that encompasses all parties that contributed in some manner to the defective part that caused or contributed to a motor vehicle accident. 

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 Steps to Take Directly after a Defective Car Part Motor Vehicle Accident


 There are several steps that you need to take if you’re involved in a defective part automobile accident. First and foremost, you need to make certain that your medical needs and those of other people involved in such a car accident are addressed.


 You need to contact law enforcement in the aftermath of a car accident of this type. Bear in mind that some insurance policies contain language requiring the filing of a police report following a motor vehicle accident to pursue a claim.


 Document the scene of the accident, if at all possible. This can be accomplished by taking photos or a video of the scene. The images should include damage to vehicles. Also, images should encompass injuries you and others sustained, if at all possible.


 Exchange complete contact information with others involved in the accident. Exchange insurance information as well. 

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 If circumstances permit, obtain names and contact information for any witnesses to the accident. If possible, attempt to obtain concise statements from witnesses in the aftermath of an accident. 


 Gathering this type of information in the aftermath of a car accident oftentimes is not possible. This reality is another reason that underscores the need to seek legal counsel to be certain a case is properly documented.

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 Promptly Consult with an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas


 If you are the victim of a car accident in Las Vegas caused or aggravated by a defective part or parts, you best protect your vital legal interests by promptly consulting with a qualified, experienced, tenacious personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, like a member of the legal team at The Schnitzer Law Firm. You can schedule an appointment with Schnitzer Law Firm’s personal injury attorney at any time that is convenient for you by calling (702) 960-4050. You can also connect with a skillful personal injury attorney in Las Vegas through the firm’s website at www.theschnitzerlawfirm.com

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 There is never a charge for an initial consultation and case evaluation. Indeed, The Schnitzer Law Firm never charges an attorney fee unless they win a favorable settlement or judgment on behalf of a client.