What to Do If Your Child is Injured on a Park Playground

As a parent, you never want to see your child get hurt. Unfortunately, injuries to children are common as they climb on things, touch things and play with things they shouldn’t. When they are on a playground, however, injuries are more common. Statistics show that there are approximately 200,000 playground injuries each year and approximately 15 children die each year from those injuries. When your child is on a playground, whether it is at school, a park, daycare or while traveling, an injury could mean there is a liability issue.

Premises Liability

A Las Vegas injury lawyer at the Schnitzer Law firm says that a playground operator has a duty to protect children from foreseeable harm. A playground operator may be liable if:

  • they were in charge of the property;
  • the child was of the appropriate age and size for the equipment;
  • proper care was not exercised by the playground operator;
  • the child was injured; and
  • the injury was caused by the playground operator’s carelessness.

For example, if the seat on a swing has a crack and it breaks while your child is swinging, the playground operator may be held liable as they are required to inspect all equipment and replace anything that may be faulty. If the swing was never inspected or if the inspector failed to note the crack, the playground operator may be liable for your child’s injuries, according to the best Las Vegas personal injury attorney.

Negligent Supervision

If your child was injured at school or daycare, a Las Vegas injury lawyer says that it is possible you could claim negligent supervision. When someone accepts the duty to watch your child, they must take reasonable action to protect your child from injury. If the daycare aide is texting when your child falls from the monkey bars and breaks an arm, they may be liable under negligent supervision. If your child’s school sends the children out on the playground without a teacher to supervise and a fight breaks out leading to injury, the school may be liable since there was no supervision.

If your child was injured on a playground, it is critical that you talk to a Las Vegas injury lawyer. In Nevada, it is possible to sue a school district or city if your child is injured in a public park, but there are requirements that must be met. Contact the best Las Vegas personal injury attorney, The Schnitzer Law Firm, by calling 702-960-4050, email us at contact@theschnitzerlawfirm.com or fill out the easy form online.