What to Do If You’ve Been Injured on a College Campus

If you’re attending or visiting the University of Nevada, the College of Southern Nevada or one of the other colleges and universities in the Las Vegas area, you may wonder who is responsible for safety. After all, college students and visitors are generally adults, but there are many documented risks on many college campuses. Some, like poorly maintained streets and pathways, are more visible dangers, but there are other types of accidents and damages that people can experience on a college campus. A Las Vegas injury lawyer can help you to protect your rights if you or someone you love was injured on a college campus.


Does a University have Premises Liability?

In most cases, property owners can be held responsible for injuries that occur on their property due to poor maintenance or security with a premises liability action. Property owners are responsible for maintaining a safe, secure environment for guests and for addressing potential hazards, from dangerous passages to poor lighting or an insufficient number of security guards.

University campuses often also share these responsibilities. Universities are responsible for removing ice from sidewalks, properly maintaining buildings and fixing dangerous locations prone to causing accidents and using safe, stable furniture in classrooms, labs, libraries, and student lounges. Many colleges and universities provide bus services or other transportation for students and visitors on campus. They can be held responsible if bus drivers or other staff drive unsafely or recklessly, putting others on campus at risk of a serious accident. Universities are not exempt from the standards that apply to other property owners when it comes to maintaining safety. A personal injury attorney in Las Vegas can provide specific advice about incidents at public universities, as conditions related to suing other government agencies can also apply to these educational institutions.


Insufficient Security and Supervision

In some cases, accidents or injuries on college campuses are linked to negligent security or insufficient supervision. The campus may hire only a few security guards, or it may have flawed, broken locks, lights or security callboxes. In other cases, university-sanctioned groups and events might include dangerous amounts of alcohol consumption, hazing at fraternity and sorority houses or other potentially harmful activities. In some of these cases, colleges and universities can also be pursued for compensation for the harms suffered.


When An Injury Occurs

If you are injured on someone else’s property, it’s always important to protect yourself. Document the incident, take photographs of the situation, and seek medical care promptly. This information could help you to seek the compensation you deserve if you were hurt due to the negligence of a university or college campus.

If you or a loved one were injured on a college or university campus, contact a Las Vegas injury lawyer for advice and guidance. An experienced personal injury attorney in Las Vegas at The Schnitzer Law Firm can help you to fight for your rights. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation at 702-960-4050 or use our secure online form to make an appointment.