When is it Legal to Drive a Moped On the Road in Las Vegas?

The Risks and Laws of Riding a Moped in Las Vegas

As a Las Vegas driver, you may not know when you have the right to take to the city’s streets on a kicky moped. You can have a lot of fun and even save money getting around with these small vehicles. However, you could also face risks near cars and heavy trucks – especially when dangerous and negligent drivers are behind the wheel. By knowing the laws and your rights as a moped driver, you can help to avoid danger and protect yourself in the case of a crash.

What is a Moped?

Mopeds are gas-powered scooters that are increasingly popular in Las Vegas and across the country. Under Nevada state law, a moped looks and drives on two wheels, like a bicycle, but is propelled by a small engine. This engine may not produce more than 2 gross braking horsepower and must have a displacement of 50 cubic centimeters or less. Mopeds can travel at a maximum speed of 30 mph on level ground and are designed to ride on no more than three wheels at a time. Mopeds are bigger, stronger and more powerful than electric bicycles.

The Laws for Moped Owners
While many moped owners may want to boost their maximum speed and vehicle power by altering their vehicles, these modifications could be illegal if they enable them to drive at over 30 mph. This kind of modified moped could fall under motorcycle regulations, requiring additional insurance, license endorsements and safety gear.

Moped owners with modifications could be cited by the police if they are pulled over and may need to contact a Las Vegas law firm for help. The drivers of legal mopeds may also have a better experience pursuing compensation for their damages if they are hit by a car or truck.

Moped Drivers Don’t Need Insurance

While Nevada moped drivers do need to register their vehicles with the DMV, they don’t need to register each year. They only need to pay a $33 fee for a one-time registration, which provides a special license plate. You don’t need to wear a helmet or buy insurance if you operate a moped. If you are injured while driving your scooter, you may need to turn to skilled injury lawyers of Nevada to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Police in Nevada do enforce moped laws, so it is important for you to be aware and up-to-date with these regulations. Sometimes, there are even dedicated enforcement campaigns to ticket or remove moped drivers violating the law. However, moped drivers on small vehicles are at far greater risk from dangerous and negligent drivers behind the wheel of larger cars and trucks.

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