Who Is Liable for Traumatic Brain Injury in Las Vegas?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) often results from a violent impact or jolt to the head or body. When an object travels through brain tissue, such as a bullet or shattered piece of skull, it also can cause TBI. Because TBI can have widespread physical and psychological effects, your brain injury lawyers must collect all vital records.

A TBI may require specialized treatment and extensive therapy, which is expensive. It is only fitting that the responsible party to an injury accident compensate the victims. Suppose someone you love suffers a traumatic injury to the head. Wouldn’t you want them to seek the advice of Las Vegas injury attorneys you know would hold the liable party responsible for all the costs incurred?

TBI — Symptoms and Results

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TBI can occur when the head sustains a sudden and violent hit or an object pierces the skull and enters brain tissue. A concussion is technically a TBI. Some symptoms of TBI and a concussion are:

  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness or lethargy
  • And others

TBI symptoms can exhibit the same as those associated with a severe concussion but also include:

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Behavioral or mood changes
  • Problems with memory, focus, attention, or thinking
  • And more

Most people recover from a concussion with rest and limited mental and physical activity. Recovering from a TBI can require surgery and rehabilitative treatment programs. Medical and recovery costs can be high. Suppose someone else’s recklessness, negligence, or willful act caused the injury. In that case, the injured person may have legal recourse for financial recovery.

Incidents That Can Cause TBI

The extent of damage from TBI can depend on several factors, including the circumstances surrounding the injury and the force of impact. Typical events causing TBI include the following:

  • Falls. Falls for older adults and young children from bed or a ladder, on stairs, in the bath, and other falls are the most common causes of traumatic brain injury.
  • Vehicular accidents. Collisions involving cars, motorcycles, or bicycles — including pedestrians involved in such accidents — are a common cause of TBI.
  • Sports injuries. Injuries from many high-impact or extreme sports, such as soccer, boxing, football, baseball, lacrosse, skateboarding, hockey, and others, can cause TBIs. Children and young adults are particularly susceptible to injuries from these activities.
  • And more.

Complications can develop immediately or soon after a TBI. Contact our Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to discuss your options when an injury involving TBI occurs.

Injury Complications

Traumatic Brain Injury

Severe injuries run the risk of increased and more-severe complications, including:

  • Altered consciousness. Moderate to severe TBI can result in prolonged or permanent changes in a person’s consciousness, including coma, vegetative state, and more.
  • Physical complications. Some people with TBI develop seizures. Fluid may build up in the brain, causing increased pressure in the brain. Blood vessel damage may occur, raising the possibility of stroke and other problems.
  • Intellectual problems. Many people with a significant brain injury will experience changes in their cognitive skills, such as memory loss and an inability to learn, reason, or pay attention.
    And more

If you have been in a car wreck, a fall, or other mishap and there are any signs or symptoms of TBI, seek emergency medical care. Then, call the number below and request a FREE consultation with our Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

What Our Las Vegas Injury Attorneys Can Do for You

Your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer stands as a gatekeeper between you and those who prefer to move issues along at a more rapid pace. Your lawyer doesn’t listen to insurance companies or their attorneys but to you and the medical and therapeutic experts treating you.

Specifically, the services your attorney performs for you include the following:

  • Your lawyer protects you from insurance companies. Lawyers understand that insurance companies are not in the business of paying claims. But they will pay for claims that are well-documented and convincing. That is why our Las Vegas injury attorneys take great care in accumulating all relevant records as evidence of damages.
  • Your lawyer knows how to prove liability. Your lawyer understands the legal requirements for establishing fault and has comprehensive experience directing a variety of personal injury cases.
  • Your lawyer is skilled in valuing your claim. When you get injured due to someone else’s recklessness, negligence, or willful malice, you deserve full and fair compensation for your damages.
  • Your lawyer is skilled in negotiating settlements and lawsuits.

The focus for your lawyer is what is in your best interest.

What Are Damages?

Traumatic Brain Injury

Although it may not be a perfect method of compensating an injured person, money is the medium of expressing damages suffered in a personal injury case. Your lawyer examines every category of damages to ensure that you get fairly compensated for your injuries and other damages, which include:

  • Medical and treatment expenses
  • Loss of income, including bonuses, commissions, benefits, and diminished earning capacity
  • Permanent disfigurement and scarring
  • Disabilities and permanent impairment
  • Pain and suffering, and emotional distress
  • All other out-of-pocket financial losses related to the incident

In particular, Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services provides a program for people with TBI. The program includes outpatient treatment during the day, care in an assisted living facility, in-home care, help with learning the skills needed for independent living, job placement, counseling and treatment for substance use disorders, and support for your family.

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