Who is Liable if A Student Driver Causes My Personal Injury

Student drivers in Las Vegas are learning to drive, but like any other inexperienced driver, they may be prone to causing accidents due to careless, reckless, or negligent behavior. In some cases, student drivers may even cause an accident while on the road with an instructor beside them. People who have been injured due to a crash caused by a student driver may wonder who is responsible for the medical bills, lost wages, and other damages they suffer as a result. Every case is different, and the best personal injury lawyer Las Vegas can advise you about how to pursue compensation in your unique circumstances.


Is the Student Driver At Fault?

In some cases, you may be able to bring a claim for your injuries against the student driver, the driving school, the instructor, or even the student’s parents. Student drivers are not expected to be perfect drivers, but everyone behind the wheel has a responsibility to be safe and take reasonable care to avoid injuring others on the road. They cannot violate the speed limit, drive recklessly, or run through red lights. Student drivers also must be appropriately insured to get behind the wheel, and the student driver or his or her parents (and their insurance company) may be on the hook for damages caused by a reckless or negligent student driver failing to follow the rules of the road.


What About the Driving Instructor or School?

In some cases, a driving instructor or driving school may also be at fault for the injuries caused by a student driver’s car accident. Driving instructors are responsible for stopping negligent or dangerous driving on the part of their students. If they do not do this, they are not fulfilling their responsibilities as driving instructors. They also have a responsibility to look out for hazards on the road. Las Vegas injury lawyers may also advise pursuing a driving instructor who fails to uphold his or her obligations to protect others on the road from a negligent, dangerous or distracted student driver.

It may be essential to look into the role of the driving school itself. Driving schools are supposed to have standards for how they hire driving instructors. If the school hired poor drivers, dangerous drivers, or untrained instructors, it might have some responsibility for the accidents caused by its student drivers. In addition, some student drivers are operating vehicles owned by the driving school. Some driving schools may fail to maintain these vehicles properly. If faulty brakes or other poor maintenance caused the accident, the driving school could also be at fault.

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