Why Landlords Need to Be Aware of Tenant Liability

The Importance of Landlord Liability Insurance in Las Vegas

Las Vegas landlords should be aware of their liability in case their tenants are injured on the property. While circumstances may vary, insurance protection could be an essential step. Just like insurance can cover damages due to flooding, burglary, fire or natural disasters, liability insurance for landlords can also address tenant injuries.

This is particularly important for owners of large, multi-family buildings, where dangerous conditions could lead to severe injuries for several tenants. Injured tenants are likely to turn to a Las Vegas law firm for assistance, and landlords who are not insured for the damages will need to manage their legal fees and any judgments on their own.


Negligent Property Maintenance

If a landlord is negligent in keeping the property maintained, a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas can help injured tenants to fight for compensation. For a tenant to bring a claim, the injury must have happened in a location where the landlord had the responsibility to maintain the area. For example, lobbies, common rooms, stairs, and entry halls are usually common areas under the landlord’s responsibility.

Also, the tenant will need to show that the landlord failed to act to prevent the injury. If the landlord did not post signs or visibly warn about the dangerous conditions and could have reasonably fixed the problem, they could be held liable for the injuries that followed.


Guests of Tenants

Landlords can also be held responsible when tenants’ guests are injured due to negligent maintenance of the property. Both tenants and their guests can raise claims related to physical injury, pain and suffering, medical bills, emotional distress, and lost wages.

Landlords with comprehensive liability insurance can turn to their insurance companies to cover their defense to the legal case. In most case, the tenants will work with a personal injury law firm Las Vegas, who will pursue the insurance company for the funds to compensate injured tenants for their losses.


Avoiding Tenant Injuries

Responsible landlords can put steps in place to prevent or mitigate injuries to tenants. For example, they should regularly inspect the premises using a written checklist, including tenants’ apartments as well as the common areas. Landlords should adopt policies of responding quickly to safety concerns, rather than letting dangerous conditions continue to escalate. All such complaints should be logged, as should the landlord or property management company’s action to repair the problem.

Landlords have a responsibility to keep their buildings well-maintained and safe for the tenants who live there and their guests. This includes proper safety practices as well as carrying sufficient insurance to address serious injuries.

Injured tenants can consult with a Las Vegas law firm about their options to seek compensation for their injuries. The Schnitzer Law Firm has years of experience successfully representing people injured by others’ negligence. Contact our office at 702-960-4050 or use our simple online form to make an appointment for a FREE consultation.