Yes, The Truck Driver Shortage is Making Our Roads More Dangerous

In Nevada and across the country, many people have raised concerns about a shortage of qualified, trained truck drivers available to work. Much of the U.S. economy relies on truck transportation, and autonomous, self-driving trucks are still many years in the future.

Because of the massive size and volume of semi-trucks, car crashes involving these large trucks are far more likely to endanger the well-being and even the lives of other people on the roads, including drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. When fewer well-qualified drivers are on the road transporting goods, people may find themselves at even higher risk of dangerous Las Vegas car accidents involving 18-wheelers or other large trucks.


What Is the Truck Driver Shortage?

According to some industry officials, there may be a shortage of up to 175,000 truck drivers by 2026 if a more significant number of people do not choose to become drivers by that time. Fewer people are choosing to be truck drivers, mainly because the job comes with long hours behind the wheel. Many experts have said that they expect human drivers to be replaced with self-driving trucks in the near future, leading young people to choose other trades with a more consistent future.

However, this means that companies may hire less qualified truckers to do the job of transporting goods across the country. Also, fewer truckers may work for longer hours, raising the risk of truck driver fatigue. There is a well-documented connection between drowsy driving and serious crashes, especially when large trucks are involved. Drivers are already regularly pressured to exceed the standards provided in federal hours of service regulations. The shortage may make these pressures even worse and more severe.


The Danger of Trucking Accidents

In some cases, the trucking company involved may be responsible for Las Vegas car accidents caused by drowsy, distracted or otherwise negligent truck drivers. The best Las Vegas personal injury attorney can provide you with advice and guidance about how to determine who is responsible for your injuries and pursue them for the compensation you deserve. In some cases, trucking companies may fail to properly maintain their vehicles, sending drivers out on the roads with weak brakes and other safety features. Cargo may be insecurely or improperly loaded, leading to rollovers or other serious accidents. Some companies may also hire unqualified drivers and push them to violate hours of service regulations.


If You’ve Been Injured in a Truck Crash

Trucking accidents can be more severe, and the issues involved can be more complicated than Las Vegas car accidents involving only passenger vehicles. Vicarious liability can be an issue, and federal or state workplace safety regulations may have been violated. If you were injured in a trucking crash, make sure to document the accident and take pictures. Get the insurance information of the trucker as well as registration and contact details for the trucking company. Make sure to get prompt medical treatment to document your injuries.

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