Documentation: The Key to A Success Car Accident Personal Injury Case

If you’ve been the victim of a car crash in Las Vegas, you know how traumatic the experience can be. You may be confused, disoriented, or seriously injured after the impact. However, it is also essential to keep in mind the types of documentation that can have a significant effect on the success of your personal injury claim. Your documents can help refute any efforts to minimize your suffering or deny responsibility by the at-fault driver.

Your Accident Narrative

Of course, the top priority after car accidents in Las Vegas is getting medical help for your injuries. To the extent that you are able, take initial notes at the scene of the incident. You could write things down, take photos and videos, or even use the voice recorder feature on your mobile phone. This includes recording your narrative of the crash, the speed you were traveling, weather and road conditions, other distractions, and the other driver’s behavior. You’ll also want to talk to witnesses at the scene and gather their information and contact details.

Photos and Documentation

You’ll also need information from the other driver involved, including:

  • The driver’s name
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Driver’s license number and photo
  • License plate number
  • Insurance information including policy numbers
  • Make, model and year of the other vehicle involved
  • Contact information of any passengers

Photo and video evidence can be particularly important. Since most people have smartphones, you now have a great way to capture detailed footage at the scene, including the damage to the car, the positions of the vehicles in the auto accident Las Vegas before being moved and the position of street signs, medians, and traffic lights. You should also document any skid marks or debris on the road as well as interior damage to your vehicle.


Police Reports and Medical Records

Calling the police to the scene can also help you to gather additional documentation. A police report that documents the crash can be very helpful when dealing with the insurance companies after car accidents in Las Vegas. In addition, your doctor’s medical records can be crucial to establishing the level of damages that you suffered due to the incident.

The above information can play a significant role in backing up your narrative of events after a devastating auto accident in Las Vegas. If you’ve been injured in a crash due to someone else’s dangerous or negligent driving, you can turn to a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for your damages. Contact the experienced Las Vegas injury attorneys at The Schnitzer Law Firm by calling 702-960-4050 or using our simple online form to set up an initial consultation.