Is Cycling Getting More Dangerous in the United States?

Bicycling is growing in popularity throughout the country, and Las Vegas is no exception. With more bicycles on the road, however, the incidence of accidents involving cyclists also increases. In 2016, there were two fatal cycling accidents in Las Vegas, representing 3.4 percent of all traffic fatalities in the city. This statistic shows how important it is for both cyclists and motorists to understand Las Vegas bike laws, according to the best injury lawyer Las Vegas.

New Bike Laws in Nevada

In October 2014, a new law took effect that if a motorcycle or bicycle rider has waited for two traffic signal rotations at an intersection, they can move through even if the light is red. The rider is supposed to be sure it is safe to do so and must yield to pedestrians. The law was implemented because bicycles and some small motorcycles are not heavy enough to trip the traffic light changing mechanism. It is interesting that Nevada would enforce this law as red light running in the United States is the most cited contributory factor in fatal and severe injury crashes involving bicycles.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is especially dangerous to cyclists, according to the best personal injury lawyer Las Vegas. When a driver is texting, checking their cell phone, or making a call, they take their eyes off the road. Even if they think they looked away for a split second, it can be long enough to miss a cyclist on the side of the road or crossing in front of them. Over the past few months, Las Vegas police have been cracking down on distracted driving not only for the safety of other drivers on the road but also to keep bicyclists safe.


Lack of Helmet Use

According to statistics, only 27 percent of cyclists who died in crashes were wearing helmets. Statistics show that helmets can reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent. Currently, there are no bike laws in Nevada requiring anyone, even children, to wear a helmet despite evidence that helmets can save lives. There is currently a law proposed that would require children under the age of 17 to wear a helmet, although 83 percent of bicycle fatalities are over the age of 20.


Riding Under the Influence

Approximately 25 percent of cyclists who died in crashes in the United States last year had blood alcohol values above .08 percent. Las Vegas bike laws allow police to charge someone riding a bicycle with driving under the influence if they have a blood alcohol content above the legal limit just as if they were behind the wheel of a car. Cycling after drinking can be hazardous as alcohol can affect your balance, your distance, and your ability to stop quickly should something go wrong.

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