Bike Lane Laws in Nevada

Las Vegas has been listed among the top ten most dangerous cities for bicyclists. To address this situation, many areas of the town now have bike lanes that are designed for the safety of bicycle riders. However, there is often confusion Las Vegas bike laws when it comes to bike lanes, bicycles, and motor vehicles.


Where Cyclists May Ride

Bicyclists may ride on the street in the same lane as a motor vehicle when there is no designated bike lane. If the bicyclist is traveling on a single-lane road, to pass a vehicle must be able to leave three feet of space or more between the car and the bicyclists. If it is a multi-lane highway, the vehicle must put a full lane between them and the cyclists when passing. Bicyclists are not required to ride only on the shoulder. It is much more dangerous for bicyclists to ride on the shoulder due to trash, debris, and other items that could cause them to crash. However, bike laws in Nevada do require the cyclist to ride as far to the right as possible unless they are turning left, it is unsafe for them to do so or they are traveling at the same speed as motor vehicle traffic.


Using Bike Lanes

If there is a bike lane provided, cyclists are required to ride in those lanes. Motorists are not permitted to use the bike lane for travel, nor are they allowed to park in the bike lane unless it is an emergency. In Nevada, bike lanes are marked by longitudinal lines and stencils of a bike rider. A bike lane with a stencil of a bike rider and two chevrons are designed for both cars and bike riders. Vehicles must give bicyclists the same right-of-way as they would on a regular road.


Cyclist Rules


Not only do motor vehicles have to give bicyclists the same courtesy they would another car on the road, but bicycles must also follow specific rules. They must signal when making turns and come to complete stops at stop signs. At red lights, the bicyclist must stop, but if the light changes due to a tripping mechanism, the rider must only wait two rotations of the light before they may ride against the red light. Las Vegas bike laws do prohibit bicycles from riding on freeways. Cyclists must ride in the same direction of traffic, and the bike must only carry the number of passengers it is designed to carry. Passengers may not ride on the handlebars or stand on wheel spokes. When riding at night, the bicycle must have a white front headlamp, a rear red reflector and reflective material on either side.

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