National Laws for Truck Drivers To Help Reduce Crashes

Trucking crashes can have a devastating impact on drivers, passengers, and others on the road in Las Vegas and around the country. When a massive semi-truck crashes into a passenger vehicle, people’s health and even lives are at serious risk. The consequences of these crashes can be far more severe for the victims in small vehicles, causing severe injuries and life-long disabilities. Because the costs of dangerous truck driving can be so great, federal laws have been put in place in an attempt to minimize the risk of trucking accidents. Hopefully, you never have to visit a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas for an accident relating to a semi-truck.

The Risk of Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is a major threat to Las Vegas drivers. Truck driver fatigue and drivers falling asleep at the wheel cause hundreds of accidents each year. The structure of the industry can encourage these potentially deadly practices, as making extra deliveries or cutting time off the schedule may be rewarded with bonuses or greater job security. However, the victims of crashes caused by these kinds of practices often need to turn to personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas to protect their rights after a serious crash.

Federal Laws Aim To Reduce Truck Crashes

This is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has created a number of rules and regulations designed to cut down on drowsy driving and reduce the likelihood of crashes. These hours of service regulations aim to cut down on the number of hours a driver spends behind the wheel without a rest break. They mandate break periods during and between shifts.

While large semi-trucks are some of the most significant targets of these regulations, all commercial motor vehicles are subject to the regulations. For example, truckers carrying goods and property may drive up to 11 hours at a time after having 10 hours off duty. Those that carry passengers may drive for 10 hours after spending eight hours off the clock. Vehicles subject to the rules weigh 10,001 pounds or more, are used to transport nine or more passengers for compensation or carry 16 or more passengers without compensation. In addition, any vehicle carrying hazardous materials in a sufficient amount to require a placard is classified as a commercial motor vehicle.

Finding Out if a Trucker Was Driving Drowsy
If you’ve been injured in a truck crash in Nevada, you may wonder if the trucker responsible for your injuries was violating these federal regulations on hours of service. Each truck driver has to keep a mandatory driving log tracking stops made; it can also include a GPS record. Trucking companies may seek to conceal this information from accident victims.

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